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Garam Review and Rating: Varaala Babu (Aadi) and Ravi (Chaitanya Krishna) are rivals from the same village from their childhood days. Ravi studies well and gets settled in Hyderabad with a decent job while Varaala Babu remains the same without any goal in life. He suddenly moves to the city after which he meets Sameera (Adah Sharma) for which he falls for her

He suddenly moves to the city after which he meets Sameera (Adah Sharma) for which he falls for her on first sight. During the process of impressing her, he meets Ravi who gets paralyzed and bedridden. Then comes an interesting news about the relation between Ravi and Sameera that changes everyone’s life. What is the twist? What will happen next forms the entire film. Watch Garam to know about the rest.

Garam Review Analysis:

The first half of Garam goes on after making a strong impact with the first 20 minutes which has been projected well. The movie lacks proper narration as it passes on and dips down before the interval. The interval twist has been decent and the songs have been shot well but they have been placed at irregular intervals. On the whole the complete first half of Garam is just ok.

The second half of the movie gains enough momentum initially but the film falls flat as the time passes. The entertainment levels come down and the movie takes a different track during the pre-climax episodes. The climax dips the film even down and the second half of Garam is a huge disappointment which let us down the points in Garam Review.

Garam Casts:

Aadi who proved his skills right from his debut movie has been decent with his performance and dance movements. He excelled completely with the assigned role and is the major highlight of the film. Adah Sharma too forms a major role in impressing the audience but she has been restricted to wear a burkha for the most of the love making scenes. Naresh has been assigned an emotional character which has been decent. All the others have done a decent job.

The story of the movie has been thin lined and is predictable except some twirls. The screenplay should have been taken good care and the dialogues have been ok. The editing has been crisp and the cinematography has been ok. The music and the background score have been completely apt and the songs have been shot in beautiful locations. The production values make the film look rich. Madan who proved himself in the past failed to score a hit in the recent times comes out with one more dud in his career.



Adah Sharma

Music and Cinematography


Second Half

Boring Narration


Garam Rating

Garam will end up as one more disappointment for Aadi who is struggling for a huge break in his career. We would give Garam only 2/5 stars in total.

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