Sanam Re Movie Review and Rating: Time pass entertainer

Urvashi Rautela

Sanam Re is about Akash (Pulkit Samrat) who is a disturbed corporate employee because of excessive pressure of his boss. After getting a call from his grandmother he moves to his hometown Tanakpur where he has lot of childhood memories. He admires Sruthi (Yami Gautham) a lot and once he lands back in his hometown, he tries re collecting all the good times with her. After several attempts he fails to trace her during which he has been forced to impress his client Akanksha (Urvashi Rautela). During this process he meets Sruthi. The rest of the movie what happens next. Watch Sanam Re for the complete story.


The first half of the movie has some interesting episodes but the movie has many flaws throughout. When you find an interesting episode, it gets followed by a bump which makes the film fall down. It is the basic plot that lacks grip and interest. Except the performances and scenic locales the first half of Sanam Re offers nothing.

With a huge disappointment during the first half, the audience waits eagerly for some miracles to take place during the second half but as expected nothing happens. The complete second half fails to impress the audience and the movie has been completely hammered because of the logic less narration. The climax takes the audience’s irritation to the peaks and the movie falls flat.


Pulkit Samrat has nothing new to reveal and he needs to develop a lot when it comes to his performance. He has been decent on screen but his expressions have been below the  average line. Yami Gautham did a decent job with her performance and she has been cute on screen. Urvashi Rautela brought the needed heat all over and she has been stupendous with her skin show in a bikini. All the other actors have been decent. Rishi Kapoor did a commanding job in a cameo.

The story of the movie has nothing much to reveal as it has lot of flaws. The main logics have been left aside. The narration lacked interest and so is the screenplay of the film. The music has been ok but the songs have been shot in beautiful locations and they looked colorful. The cinematography is the major highlight of the film. The production values have been rich and grand. The director comes up with a clinched film that will end up as a debacle.


Yami Gautham

Urvashi Rautela

Pulkit Samrat







Final Word:

Sanam Re is a movie that lacks interesting narration and a gripping script. An outdated film that can be ignored completely.


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