Gotham Season 2 Episode 17 (S2E17) Review

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 17 Review: The producers of DC TV series are taking unexpected breaks in various TV series that are nowadays being produced by them. Last week, “Gotham” too took a weekly off. In the week before that, the sixteenth episode, we saw a whole lot of cliffhanger events. (watch: RCB vs SRH.)

Gordon escaped from the prison; Barbara woke up from her coma-like situation and the most important of all, Penguin’s father died. In the latest episode, we got to see how his father’s death affected Penguin. Also, Gordon set out on his mission to find the person behind his implication in the murder of a strike team member.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 17 Review

The episode begins with Bruce and Selina being chased by a man from who they stole a bag full of money. They are jumping rooftops. Bruce throws some of the money away, and Selina is not happy with it. She cuts the loss from his half of the loot.

Meanwhile, the news that Gordon has escaped from prison has spread around. Barnes questions Bullock about his involvement in Gordon’s escape. Bullock refuses about his relationship up front, even though Gordon is currently staying at his home.

Barbara is being treated in the Arkham Asylum. She looks completely normal. After some inspection, she is released. Dr. Hugo Strange is sure she’ll do something interesting once she is released among the people.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 17 Review

And now, the most important part of the episode. Grace and her children refuse to let Penguin stay at his father’s home, citing the excuse that they do not want to live with a murderer in the house. After he pleads, they let him stay on the condition that he would look after all the chores of the house and would stay as a servant. Given his changed nature, he readily agrees.

Bullock and Gordon have got hold of the recording of the anonymous complaint against Gordon regarding Galvan’s murder. Gordon takes it to Nygma to get his help in cleaning the tape. There, he figures out that Nygma was the mastermind behind all the fiasco.

Nygma tries to kill Gordon, but Gordon gets away with a shot leg and ends up at Selina’s place. Bruce calls Alfred, who treats Gordon. Later, Gordon devices a plan and successfully helps GCPD in arresting Nygma.

On the other hand, Penguin learns of Grace’s involvement in his father’s murder. He brutally kills all three.

In the end, we see Barbara knocking at Gordon’s door.

Stay tuned for the next episode’s review, because things would only get interesting from now on.

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