Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 (S1E19) Review

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Picking up where episode eighteen ended, Kara is trying to figure out a way to stop the brainwashed citizens of National City. After temporarily warding off the problem, she goes to the Fortress of Solitude to get more information about the Myriad device. (read: Gotham season 2 episode 17 review.)

The Kelex enlightens her with the information. She needs to deal with this device soon, because this device was even able to affect Superman when he arrived in National City in order to help.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 Review

Non again tries to gain Kara’s support for Myriad, and in a way, kills one of Kara’s colleagues while going overboard with the conversation about the Myriad. After this incident, Lord tells Kara and Cat about the Kryptonite bomb he is planning to make.

The bomb would kill all Kryptonians and eight percent of the human population with that, Kara and Superman would have get clear of the detonation radius before the bomb explodes. He says this plan would end the Myriad situation.

Kara and Cat are strongly against this idea. They think it is not worth killing millions of people and that there must be a way around the problem. Cat motivates Kara and tells her to be hopeful.

Meanwhile, Alex and J’onn decide to come back to National City when Alex learns about the happening in the city. When they arrive in the city, they are immediately confronted by Indigo. Indigo gets fighting with both of them.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 Review

After quickly disabling Alex, she continues the fight with J’onn. Just when we all think J’onn killed her, she emerges from the flames and stabs J’onn. This ultimately leads to the Myriad gaining control over Alex. Alex could be used as the perfect weapon for their intentions.

Acting too dumb in my opinion, Cat and Kara go to an old and abandoned broadcasting station in order to broadcast their message of hope to the people of National City. It is okay to decide to not use the kryptonite bomb, but giving a speech is clearly not a good solution.

At the same time, Non sends a brainwashed Alex to fight Kara. Alex is completely geared up with a suit and sword, all made of Kryptonite. Kara refuses to fight her sister but has no other choice. So, the episode ends with Alex and Kara both charging at each other to fight. But one thing is certain, Kara is not ready to kill while Alex is.

Be ready for the next episode as the series is moving towards the end of the first season.


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