Hate Story 3 Review and Rating: Only reason to watch the movie is Zareen Khan

Hate Story 3 13th Day Collection 13 Days HS 2nd Wednesday Box Office
13 Days HS 2nd Wednesday Box Office

Hate Story 3 Review: HS3 is now on theaters, but the movie lacks the most important part of any good film, which is a story. Yet the viewers can watch the flick for exotic romantic scenes. The story of the movie is somehow based on the earlier stories of late 2010. Revenge and Romance are two basic pillars of the story.

Personally, the movie will not be able to impress any type of audience. Hate Story 3 looks like a film with is nothing but creating and collecting the different phases of any other Bollywood flick. If you have not watched the movies like Raaz and HateStory earlier, then your decision of watching the film may be fruitful

The story is of two crabby men who hate each other with all their guts and bear silly intrigues.The movie is neither made to believe not to impress. And from the females part, the flick beats up the story of creating fiddle and buzz around.

The earlier versions of HateStory3 movie was much more evidently impressing than of the current production. Yet the film is definitely not a miss for the Zareen Khan fans and they should have a look around for a once. [Also See: Shankarabharanam Movie Review]

Aditya Singh (Sharman Joshi) and Siya Singh (Zarine Khan) are married couple who are professionals in their own business. Times goes on and the sudden demise of Vikram (Ajay Singh’s brother) alter their situations suddenly. Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) makes his entry and wants Siya Singh, but he fails.

It is this time he plans to spoil Ajay’s business trapping his secretary Kavya (Daisy Shah). The rest of the movie is how Ajay and Siya face Saurav and make a happy ending. Watch HS3 to know about the rest.

Hate Story 3 Review

The first half of the movie has been filled with right emotions. The movie gets interesting slowly after the major plot has been revealed. The music and the cinematography take the film to the next level. The pre-interval sequences have been decent and, on the whole, the complete first half has been impressive.


With intimate and erotic scenes as the main base, the director has turned out the second half which disappoints the audience completely. The pre-climax episodes and the uninteresting climax kill the film completely. On the whole, the complete second half ends up as a debacle.

Hate Story 3 Review

HS3 Casts and Performance

Sharman Joshi is the main highlight of the movie as he carried the complete film on his shoulders. Daisy Shah is a surprising element as she has been shown in a new avatar. She has been hot throughout the movie and elevated the flick. Zarine Khan has been decent and Karan Singh has been dashing throughout the film and he has been apt. All the other actors did their best.

The story of HateStory3 has been taken from the previous installments. The screenplay and the dialogues have not been taken enough care of and the songs have been shot well. The cinematography is the major highlight of the film and the production values have been grand enough. The director failed to execute the movie and he concentrated more on erotic episodes. However, it’s a fact that Hate Story 3 trailer has broken all records on YouTube. 

Hate Story 3 Review

Final Word for the movie: HateStory3 has nothing much except some hot erotic episodes. The predictable plot and boring narration make the film fall flat.

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