House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 (S4E2) Review

House Of Cards Season 4 Episode 4 (S4E4) Review
House Of Cards Season 4 Episode 4 (S4E4) Review

House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 Review: The last episode ended with Claire deciding to run for a seat in the congress. She has disclosed her desire to do this with Leann, the woman who would help her do this. She starts planning for her future actions and coaxes Leann into helping her do so. (watch: Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer.)

Leann agrees, and Claire hires her. Frank sends Doug to Texas to keep an eye on the Claire and get ahold of her intentions and plans. Doug meets Leann and makes her talk to Frank. Frank orders her to stay away from Claire and tells her to cease being any part in her plans of running in the electoral race.

House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Claire meets up with the current state representative of Texas and asks her to endorse herself for the next candidate. Doug, who is present there, tries to sway the situation in Frank’s side and tells the representative that the plan is to endorse her daughter, the original candidate for the seat. (see: Balakrishna Apologizes On Women’s Day.)

Claire defies this and tries to convince her to let herself run for the seat, to which the representative refuses citing the reason that Claire is almost an outsider in the community and that the people won’t trust her.

Also, Claire reconciled with her mother in the last episode, who hates Frank for who he is. She is in a full mood to go against Frank and does so by anonymously donating money in such a manner that would be against Frank’s endeavors.

HOC S4E2 review

Heather Dunbar leaks the news of Frank and Claire’s discord and to put the rumors to a rest, they spread out the story that Claire moved to Texas to spend time with her sick mother. Ellen Burstyn, who plays the character of Claire’s mother, deserves appreciation here. She has single handedly given us a completely different aspect to the story along with bringing the human touch to the plot.

Everyone is gearing up for the major event of State of the Union, where Claire would be present too. This is a result of deal between Frank and Claire, as per which Frank would not interfere with Claire’s plans in exchange for her cooperation in his campaign.

This has really come to a point where both of them are with each other just for career related benefits, nothing else. Claire is not divorcing Frank because she knows he could be of much use as his husband due to him being the President of the USA.

House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Later in the episode, the story takes a critical turn which I won’t disclose here. Watch it yourself.

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