Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016 Episode| Star Plus: Abhi doubts Ishita, Ashok goes to impress Raichand’s daughter!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016: YHM new episode is out. Ashok goes to impress Raichand’s daughter. but did he find a beautiful girl? See what happened next. (see: YHM last episode.)

The episode begins with Ashok getting shocked seeing Raichand’s daughter and asks are you Ishita? Raichand asks who is this Ishita now? She is my Shanaya. Ashok says he will prove it and goes to get his phone to show photographs. Ashok leaves. Ishita thanks Raichand for helping them and he says Raman has always helped and has done so many favors too, this is just my gratitude. Ishita asks why is Ashok not coming and he says he will come soon. Raman asks Neelu about his sehra and she says he has worked and he says no matter what he will marry Niddhi on Shubh Muhurat. He thinks of Ishita nd wonders did Ashok do anything. (view: YHM all episodes.)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Tuesday Episode

Ashok comes and Ishita starts her acting like Shanaya. Ishita says he didn’t impress me and he is disturbing me a lot. She asks Raichand, why didn’t he check his background and friends before buying him for my marriage.

Raichand says I thought he is from a good family. She asks him is he a drug addict and says looks like, he isn’t going to trust me. He might misuse me, I will undergo all tests for you and will come out pure. Raichand says no need and says we will go to Raman Bhalla and confirm it from him. Ashok thinks why is she

Ashok thinks why is she plowing her own house? He thinks she will be caught. Raman welcomes guests and Simmi and Ruhi smile. Pandit asks Nidhi to come and Raman says she is getting ready and asks Raman’s parents to come and do the rituals. Raman says his parents won’t come as they are against it. Simmi says she will do the rituals and Raman thinks is she gone mad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016

Simmi says she will do the rituals and Raman thinks is she gone mad. Nidhi comes out shouting that her Lehenga got burnt and Simmi and all smile. Romi compliments Ruhi for doing it and Niddhi says she will sit wearing these clothes only and Raman says we will buy new clothes. But Niddhi tells him we will get married now.

Simmi calls it a bad sign and Raman says we will postpone the marriage. Niddhi says it is their planning and says we will not dance to their tunes. Ashok calls Abhishek and Ishita is shocked. Abhishek sees her and thinks of Ashok’s words. Ashok says now ACP will prove it.

Raman tells Niddhi to order a new lehenga and she asks him to sit. She says she will wear Ishita’s lehenga and he asks her not to touch Ishita’ belongings. He says she doesn’t wear those as she is from the south india and she asks him to get a saree of her. Abhishek asks her is she, not Ishita Bhalla and Raichand says check it logically and she belongs to me.

Ishita says she is not Ishita and slaps Ashok and Ashok asks why is he doing it and she says you brought a police officer to me. Am I a criminal to you and says we have bought you and we will slap you?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016

Abhishek says your face matches with that of a criminal called Ishita. He shows Ishita’s pic and she says she doesn’t look like me and asks them to see hair and eyes. She says she has come from South America and didn’t expect this would happen to me.

Abhishek asks her to cooperate for a finger test. She thinks of meeting Raman and thinks whether she could make it in time or not. Ruhi thinks of stopping Raman from giving Ishita’s saree to Niddhi. She goes to Iyers and sees them crying and asks why are they crying and Shravan says Vandu didn’t come till now and Ruhi asks them not to worry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016

Appa and Mr. Bhalla talk of Raman’s doings and Appa says he will talk to Raman once. Abhishek takes her for the test and Raichand asks him when will this end and says they have to attend an important meeting.

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