House of Cards Season 6: Release date and everything else we know so far

House of Cars Season 6 release date, House of Cars Season 6 trailer, House of Cars Season 6 cast, House of Cars Season 6 spoilers, House of Cars Season 6 episodes
House of Cars Season 6 release date, House of Cars Season 6 trailer, House of Cars Season 6 cast, House of Cars Season 6 spoilers, House of Cars Season 6 episodes

The American political thriller series, House of Cards is going to release its season 6 on November 2, 2018. It will be the last installment of the Netflix original series. It will now move on from Kevin Spacey. The production was stopped to rewrite the plot without his character Frank Underwood. Read out the article to know everything about the web television series’s upcoming.

House of Cards Season 6: Is there a return possible?

Netflix revealed the fact that the agreement to film the final run has become factual. In a conversation with Ted Sarandos (Netflix’s CCO), it was out that everything is set to restart the production for the next season in 2018. That seems to be an exciting news for the fans waiting out there to catch up with House of Cards again.

Moreover, it came into knowledge that season 6 will give entire focus on Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, who will be covering up the center stage. Earlier, it was presumed that Kevin Spacey will be featuring in House of Cards season 6. But, it doesn’t seem to be true. In addition, the final run will be composed of 13 episodes.

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House of Cars Season 6 release date, House of Cars Season 6 trailer, House of Cars Season 6 cast, House of Cars Season 6 spoilers, House of Cars Season 6 episodes

Hitherto, a state of unsureness was present on whether House of Cards season 6 had been abandoned entirely after the production was halted in October 2017. Then, Netflix announced that it would not proceed anymore with the production for House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey.

A declaration said: “We will carry on to workings with Media Rights Capital (production company) throughout this intermission time to assess our track ahead on account of the fact that it correlates to the series. Moreover, we have also made a decision that we won’t be going ahead along with the debut of the film Gore, which stands in the state of post-production with the star and producer – Kevin Spacey.”

Netflix shut down the production for House of Cards season 6 till any further notification and asked for a little time to evaluate the present-day situation and further address the concerns relating to the cast and crew members. Season 6 is presumed to be the final chapter for the web series.

According to Netflix, House of Cards production halted after Spacey, who plays Frank Underwood, was alleged found involved in a sexual harassment case dating 1986 harassing a teenage boy and filed by Anthony Rapp. Rapp said that he was just 14 when Spacey tried to seduce him at night after inviting him to a party at his penthouse.

However, Spacey denied the accusation saying he honestly don’t remember any such moment. However, he said that if he had done any such act, it would be a case of the extremely drunken situation and he is apologetic for the same.

Netflix and Media Rights Capital producer announced that they are standing in a state of great distress by the accusations. Executives from both the companies came out to meet cast and crew and make them feel safe and supported. They announced that Spacey isn’t going to work with them until and unless the matter is completely solved.

Netflix said that they decided to end HouseOfCards some months ago. There are reports saying that producers are looking out for some spin-off ideas and one will be lead by Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper.

Spacey came out and revealed his sexuality as a ‘gay man’ confirming decades of rumors. LGBTQ+ actors and activists condemned his act thinking that he used it as a deflection.

In a conversation with actor Zachary Quinto, he said: “It is extremely gloomy and disturbing that this is the way how Kevin Spacey has opted to be out. Not by existing as a point of pride. Though reflecting as a calculated control to divert heed from the very momentous charge.”

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House of Cards Season 6 release date

Each season for the web series premiered between 12 and 14 months just after the last one. Season 1, 2, and 3 made their debut in February. Season 4 fall in the month of March and season 5 was out in May.

Season 6 is going to premiere on November 2, 2018, officially. The fans might be waiting for so long to hear about the renewal. The time has come to end the wait.

House of Cards Season 6: News and updates

Prior to Netflix unhanded Spacey, season 6 was already kinda ready to sideline his role, namely, Frank Underwood to some extent after his wife Claire replaced him in the White House.

The showrunner Frank Pugliese together with Melissa James Gibson said: “As of now, Claire has become more ambitious and open about what she needs or we can say she has become more pronounced. So, her complicity will be different from her husband’s.”

Just when Frank presented his strategy to resign from getting arrested for killing Zoe Barnes, his next step became clarified that he will be hunting for some power outside of the White House.

According to THR, Pugliese said: “The show always represents the pursuit of authority and power. Moreover, it normally was in the direction of The White House or the presidency. We were focussing our attention to finding ways for power and powers exterior to the White House.”

January 2018 update: The shooting has resumed after three months of halting the filming. Earlier, the first two episodes were filmed starring Spacey. But, they will be revamped. Robin Wright takes the centre stage becoming the new president of the United States.

House of Cards season 6 cast & characters

Season 5 star cast list included veteran actors Campbell Scott and Patricia Clarkson as newly discovered characters Mark Usher and Jane Davis.

Moreover, the renewed cast list also includes Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper), Joel Kinnaman (Will Conway) and Neve Campbell (Leann Harvey) together with Dominique McElligott (Hannah Conway), Jayne Atkinson (Catherine Durant) and Paul Sparks (Thomas Yates).

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