How I Met Your Father (HIMYF) Name Revealed? Jon Cryer aka Alan Harper rumoured to be the major cast


How I Met Your Father which is currently streaming on Hulu is a spinoff of the CBS series How I met your father. How I met your Father was the “Major Comedy” series which was loved by millions of fans worldwide. The story of HIMYF begins from the point of Lily and Marshall aka the Old Married couple selling their house to the characters of HIMYF.

This was indeed a very nostalgic moment for all the fans of the “legendary” HIMYM series. However, today we’re talking about a tweet by “Two and Half Man” primary cast Jon Cryer.

Jon Cryer played the role of the unemployed, divorced and, broke brother of Charlier Harper (Charlie Sheen) in the “Two and Half Man series”. His character received mixed opinions from the audience worldwide. While he was solely able to carry on the show even after legal disputes among the production and cast, Jon Cryer never got a chance to be in the spotlight of the show.

How I met your Father which is a spinoff of How I met Your Mother is plotted in 2050; where Sophie shares the story of her love life with her son. Until now only 3 episodes have been premiered so far, the first two episodes received a terrible response from the audience. Thus it’s very important for the makers to keep up the spirit of great production.


Jon Cryer is known for his practical comedy punch lines. He could prove himself to be a great addition to the show. Jon Cryer tweeted that “I’ve decided my next role is going to be “Pete Davidson in the year 2050”

With all the stuff going around about How I met your Father, there are very thin chances for this tweet to be in relation to How I met your father.

It’s important to note that Cristin Milioti was only auditioned for the final season.

While we all want to see Jon Cryer playing the role of the father in the spinoff of our all-time loved show, its very premature to relate his tweet with the show. Thus Jon Cryer’s tweet is likely to be completely unrelated with How I met Your Father.

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