How to Watch Bob’s Burgers Movie Live Streaming Online on Hulu, Disney+

Bob's Burgers Movie
Bob's Burgers Movie

How to Watch Bob’s Burgers Movie Live Streaming Online: Bob’s Burgers, an animated FOX comedy created by Loren Bouchard, is making its cinematic debut with The Bob’s Burgers Movie, which is appropriately titled. All of the show’s central characters appear in The Bob’s Burgers movie’s film adaptation.

Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin) is the series’s protagonist, which follows his story as a third-generation restaurant owner. Bob’s Burgers is a fast-food restaurant run by Bob (John Roberts), his eccentric wife Linda (John Roberts), his odd daughter Tina (Dan Mintz), his bizarre son Gene (Eugene)

When a sinkhole opens in front of their family restaurant, the Bob’s Burgers Movie will follow these characters as they attempt to preserve it. In addition, Bob’s friend and handyman Teddy (Larry Murphy), Tina’s rival Tarmy Larsen (Jenny Slate), and other recurring characters from the series will appear in the movie.

The show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, was involved in the writing, directing, and production of the Bob’s Burgers Movie. This movie is Bouchard’s directorial debut, and he teamed up with Bernard Derriman to helm the film.

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For years, the Bob’s Burgers Movie has been in the works. It was first announced in 2017 by 20th Century Fox and was scheduled to premiere on July 17, 2020. However, on March 20, 2019, the Walt Disney Company acquired 20th Century Fox, raising concerns about whether the new owners would push forward with the film.

Following the COVID-19 epidemic, The Bob’s Burgers Movie moved back to April 9, 2021. The film was subsequently removed from Disney’s slate in January 2021 due to the pandemic’s effect on theater releases. Until September 2021, when Disney revealed a teaser poster for the film with its new release date of May 27, 2022,

Now that the long-awaited Bob’s Burgers Movie is on our screens, here’s a helpful guide to tell you when, where, and how to watch it. The Bob’s Burgers Movie has two trailers. On January 11, 2022, 20th Century Studios released the first trailer. It didn’t give much information about the story, but there were plenty of gasps from the characters, implying that something fantastic was coming.


On April 4, 2022, a second trailer was released, which provided us with a better understanding of the film’s narrative. We see Bob, frustrated and has been given seven days to pay his debts or lose his firm, in the trailer.

In the midst of all this, a giant sinkhole appears in front of the cafe. Of course, Louise drags her brothers to explore the sinkhole while Bob and Linda attempt to keep the company running. Unfortunately, we also see Sergeant Bosco (Gary Cole) lurking about, suggesting that some unlawful activity is happening in the film.

When to Watch Bob’s Burgers Movie in Theaters

On May 27, 2022, the Bob’s Burgers Movie was released in theatres. You can purchase your tickets after checking for the shows in nearby theaters.

Currently,┬áBob’s Burgers Movie is available in Theaters in 3 countries.

  1. Australia
  2. United States
  3. Canada

Watch Bob’s Burgers Movie Live Streaming Online on Hulu

There has been no word on whether The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be released on a streaming service. However, because Hulu is airing the program, it appears that the film will also make its way to Hulu anytime soon.

Expected date for Hulu Release: September 2022

Watch Bob’s Burgers Movie Live Streaming Online on Disney+

There’s a chance the film won’t be released on Disney+ until after the theatrical window has ended. If the movie is released in the same manner as previous 20th Century films like The King’s Man (2021) and Death On The Nile (2022), we may see The Bob’s Burgers Movie on Disney+ internationally 45 days after release on Hulu.

Expected date for Hulu Release: October 2022

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