India’s Best Dramebaaz 2 Winner 2016: IBD Season 2 Grand Finale Updates With Kapil Sharma-Mika Singh 5th / 6th March Zee TV; Swasti Nitya Won

India's Best Dramebaaz 2 Winner

India’s Best Dramebaaz 2 Winner 2016: The season 2 of IBD has come to an end. It’s the time for this season’s grand finale. The show dedicated to kids and known for showcasing the drama/acting capability built-in kids will decide its champion for this year. The talent and cuteness of kids make millions of people laugh and enjoy some of their life. (check: Power Couple Winner.)

At this final stage, the contestants of the show have to act as if it’s a situation to do or die as they have got only one last chance to prove themselves. Being the grand finale, the show will have a longer run as compared to earlier episodes. Half of it will be broadcasted today while the other half tomorrow.

India’s Best Dramebaaz 2 Winner


People’s Choice Award goes to Vansh Maheshwari.

Swasti Nitya won the title.

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Out of thousands of auditions, only some of the selected kids got the chance to perform on television via a big stage. Out of those selected ones, only and only one will become the champion.

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The semifinal was conducted on 28th February 2016 in which a total of 6 kids were finalized to go into the final round. The names of those six children are mentioned below. Voting lines are open so utilize them to vote for your favorite one.

Top 6 finalists Of India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2

  • Jaskaran Narula
  • Kartikey Malviya
  • Parth Mehta
  • Swasti Nitya
  • Tamanna Dipak
  • Vansh Maheshwari

Mika Singh and comedian Kapil Sharma were the guests for the finale episodes. Swasti Nitya was declared as the winner of the season two. The judges of the show were entertainment by her performances and was at the top of the 6 selected kids.

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  1. Best show dramebaz… i like it very much….
    vansh sabse bakwas
    he shows no exprations….
    swati, kartik, jaskaran are the best…..

  2. What a sentimental judgment……. The best pack of drama dance and energy is with…… Preetjot…. Kartikey malaviye….. These kids cant even pronounce well…. Vansh perth and tamanna is not fit for a winner…….

  3. Hey Somali mam I think all are winners but my vote is for vansh and kartikey and vansh and kartikey best of luck you r the winners of ibd

  4. Love u swasti. …………….. and love u ravi and ritvik u guys have done fabulous job and love u judges specially sonali mam

  5. आज खुश तो बहुत होगी तुम “नागिन मम्मी” हैईI

  6. नागिन मम्मी को अब 100% discount मिलेगा शोपिंग पे हा हा …

  7. Genuinely I feel kartikey malviya should win this show…vansh nd parth are cute no doubt…but swasti is bit over confident…jaskaran smile is the best…..technically this show is judge on perfomance not that how cute the hildren are. …love u all

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