Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 (S1E12) ‘Alex’: Review and Recap of Priyanka Chopra’s TV Show

quantico season 2 episode 20 spoilers, quantico season 2 episode 20 air date, quantico season 2 episode 20 promo
quantico season 2 episode 20 spoilers, quantico season 2 episode 20 air date, quantico season 2 episode 20 promo

Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 (S1E12) Review: The TV show of Priyanka Chopra returns after the midseason break. In the upcoming episode, the episode shows Alex Parrish in the FBI custody and amidst of a congressional hearing regarding the recent bomb blasts. (watch: Total Solar Eclipse.)

As of now, everyone is thinking that Elias is the mastermind or at least the convict of those terrorist blasts. In the meantime, Parrish forces to think that the actual mastermind is still inside the bureau. After a long gap, it is expected that we will get to see some explosives revelations.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 (S1E12) Review

This episode starts on a timeline after three months fo command centre blast. It will show the struggle that Parrish will suffer from in order to convince Liam and the rest of the FBI regarding the terrorist. However, the further journey will be difficult for her because of recent trauma. (check: Maha Shivratri 2016 puja muhurat.)

Priyanka Chopra told the TheReporterTimes, “Alex Parrish was forced to become a fugitive of the law as she was blamed for the next biggest in America after 9/11. It will affect anyone very badly. While she was on a run, everyone turned against her. Thus, there is a lot more inside her head at this time. Well, she is in a dark place.” (see: India’s Best Dramebaaz 2016 winner.)

Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 (S1E12) Review

The official synopsis of episode 12 reads as follows:

Alex finds herself in the middle of a congressional hearing to testify about the terrorist bombings. Convinced Elias didn’t act alone, she is determined to find answers and the truth. While back at Quantico, a new group of NATS join Alex and her classmates, causing tension and competition between the groups of trainees.

In the previous episodes, the FBI nabbed Elias who had already told them that he was forced to do some of its things. The next big revelation came when FBI got to know about the second bomb planted inside a hotel where the delegates were staying. Liam shifted them to the Command Centre.

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But, inside of being a safe place, the command centre exploded for the second time which killed 32 people this time. It was all visible in the promo video for the episode releases some time ago. However, it hasn’t been revealed that if any character died or not.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 (S1E12) Review

Some of the near ones to Alex like Since Claire, Clayton, and Caleb were in the building itself when it exploded. So, it will be interesting to see if anyone of them has even hurt or not. But, it is sure that someone died in the blast. The producer Josh Safran said that this time jump will show everyone’s back story.

In the latest episode (after three months), Agent Parrish was convinced to say that Elias was the one behind both the blasts – Grand Central and FBI command centre. She did it before the committee but her batchmates were satisfied because Alex herself didn’t think it is the reality.

At the end of the episode, Alex Parrish receives a call which attracted her to a remote location where she got to see Natalie Vasquez strapped with a bomb and terrified. The phone call continues and the voice said that she may not have been terrorist before, but she will be now.

In the meantime at Quantico, Miranda and Liam combined this NATs’ class with the one ahead of them. Well, we may get to see more hotness and rivalries in the upcoming episodes.

Quantico airs every Sunday on ABC at 10|9c.

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