Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016: Shalu Asks Shambhu To Settle In America

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016The episode started with Dhaani wiping Viplav’s tears. She requested Viplav not to cry. She was there for him. Viplav smiled and Dhaani also smiled. Meanwhile Kanak, Shambhu, Dulaari and Mohan come with Shalu, Rajlakshmi, Raj and Ram came. They asked whether Dhaani and Viplav were fine or not. Kanak asked Viplav how he fell in the dam. (check: IKRS Last Episode.)

Viplav told the whole story. Shalu put her hand on her forehead and said shame on him. She told him that he was not a Superman who could fly. Shambhu said to stop talking and asked to go home. They left.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016

The next evening it was Shalu’s birthday party. Dhaani’s family came. Vidhani smiled looking at each other.after everyone has arrived, Shambhu made an announcement saying that today he will fulfill any wish of his daughter that particular day. Shalu smiled.

Shalu cut the cake while everyone smiled and clapped for her.She fed the cake to Shambhu and Kanak, and also they fed that to Shalu. Viplv said shalu forgot her brothers both Viplav and Raj. Everyone laughed while Shalu fed cake to them.

Then everyone began to eat food. Kanak told the wish to Shalu in her ears. Shalu thanked her maa for that. She went and said Shambhu her wish. Shambhu was shocked. He said he will never fulfill that wish, and he went to his room leaving all guests shocked. Mohan, who saw all that, went to Shambhu’s room.


Shambhu was sitting sadly. Mohan went to him and asked what has happened to him. Shambhu said the wish Shalu asked for was not possible for him to fulfill. Mohan asked but what the wish was that left him shocked. Shambhu told him that Shalu asked to settle with his family in America.

Mohan asked him to fulfill her wish. He asked Shambhu whether he remembered the promise they made 5 years ago.  A flash back was shown. In that Dhani was learning to walk as she was just one year old and Viplav was holding her hand as he was two years old. Shambhu and Mohan were watching that scene happily with a smile on their face.

Shambhu asked Mohan that Dhani and Viplav grow up then could they change their friendship into a relationship. He meant that could they make them marry. Mohan said of course as they were best friends and he would be very happy to change their friendship into a relationship.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016

So they made a promise that when Viplav would become 23, wherever they would be, they will make them marry each other. Shambhu promised and smiled. They came out of FB.

Mohan said if he could fulfill his promise then why not Shalu’s promise. Shambhu began to think. The episode ended.

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