Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016: Dhaani Contradicts Dashrath

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016The episode started as Dhani came to Viplav and saw him sad. She asked why he got angry. Viplav said he was tensed about marriage. He said he didn’t mean to hurt her but needed to time for the wedding. Dhaani said she understood and asked not to worry. (see: IKRS 5th Apr. 2016.)

Viplav said he was thinking how to kick Raja out. Dhaani told him to wait as he had two weakness money and woman. Raja thought he slapped him today. Kanak asked what happened. He said that he was sad as he just liked the room and Dhani gave it to him. Kanak said she was habitual of good deeds, but still she would not accept her.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016

Raja stated that she don’ deserve to be bahu and praised her destiny. Dashrath gifted Dhaani and looked at Viplav. Kanak thought she3 had melted his hear. Dashrath and Sushma blessed them. (check: Ishq Kaa Ranng Safed All Episodes.)

Dashrath was praying in the inhouse temple. Viplav came and asked if he called him. Dashrath asked if he knew why God changed avatar. Viplav said no. He told being God they had some limitations and asked him to respect Raja as he was Brother-in-law. He said that God fought with devils and Raja is a demon.

Dashrath became angry. He told that Raja would live for few days then would leave with Shalu. Raja thought they were planning to send him out. Raja said Dashrath that he went to the temple to present the bhog but none accepted him jamai of this house.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016

Dashrath said he would call everyone for rajbhog and would declare him Shalu’s husband. Raja thought everyone would know who is strongest among Tripathi family and it was him.

Viplav thought what to do. Shalu came to get something. Viplav said that she knew his brother since 24yrs and since when she knew Raja and hoped she comes to know the truth soon. Dashrath called everyone and told that he had invited all rich for mahabhoj and asked suggestions from Viplav.

Viplav said it was a good idea. Dhaani stated that they could make poor eat then to exhibit the wealth. Viplav said it was a good idea as it was not Chadawa, but utara.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016

Dashrath got up and stated that he agreed with them as they would invite poor and would give clothes too and he would do penance and would have water all day. He left. Viplav told that it mus be Raja’s idea but they got successful to fail him by Dhaani’s idea. She gave him sindoor bottle. He asked where she was going. Dhaani told that kanak asked him to come with her to the temple. He told her to take care.

Kanak said that she would be happy winning over Dashrath. Dhaani asked what was wrong in feeding poor. Kanak said it was good and asked him to make food for 1000people. Dhaani was shocked. Kanak said it was easy to say but difficult to do and she needed to do hard work to win inlaws heart.

She touched her feet and accepted. Viplav asked her to give Prasad and said that he wanted his mum to feel he was upset. Dhaani stated that kanak had given her big responsibility to make food for 1000 people viplav said he didn’t understand Raja’s plan of rajbhog. Dhani said to ask him only.

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