Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015 S2E10 – Maddy Gets Relisted In The Elections

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015 season 2 episode 10 (S2E10): In the last episode, it was revealed that Maddy becomes furious after knowing that his candidature for the election has been rejected. Dhruv and Aaliya were seen planning to which Nandini decided to win it but by fair means. Get to know what happend in the latest one.

Here it goes.

The beginning of the s2e10 featured Aaliya struggling with her sketches. Then, Dhruv arrived and asked her everyghing is fine or not to Aaliya. In the next scene, Harshad was seen entering into the office looking for Madhiam Singhania’s records. He found them and deleted and pleased to know that by the time Maddy will get to know about it and refills the form, the elections would be over. After this incident, he bumps into Nandini. She asked him the reason to be at that place but he arrogantly replied and suggested her to stop poking her nose into everything and also that whatever he is doing will benefit her.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015

Aaliya saw Dhruv and asked him to move on with his talent. She said to him that she is giving him the best advice even if he rejects it. After he heard this thing from her, he hugged her within no time and then suddenly left him saying sorry if he hurt her. To this, Aaliya sat on sofa with confused look. Just after Dhruv left the room, Aaliya noticed Harshad entering in the room with the files of Maddy.

The next shot featured Mukti busy with her clothes and suddently she saw the same boy who stare at her regularly. Then, she planned an evil act. Just then, the mother of that boy arrived at the door and taunted Mukti saying that because of her (mukti), her son is behaving odd and suggested her to mind their own separate businessess. To it, Mukti replied that the woman (secretary) has to teach her son first. Naviya also warned her.

Aryaman offered Nandini a couple of chocolates. While going to visit Vishab, Madhiam joined them. Then, it resulted into a hot conversation between the two boys. Nandini forcefully asked Aryaman to skip it. Madhiam’s friends apprecited his guitar.

Then, when Maddy got to know about the missing name scenario of his, he again taunted Aryanman regarding it and said if he found that they both are behind this politics then, it would be very bad for them.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015

Aryaman, Alya, Mukti, Dhruv and Navya were spotted celebrating at Mukti’s flat. Again, the boy who used to spy on Mukti arrived at the door and told all of them to lower the volume as told by her mother. But, they trapped  him by inviting into the party and made his video. Then, they threatened him to public that video if he and his mother don’t stop teasing them.

After a while, Nandini arrived at fans. All asked her for being upset for the whole day. Later on, despite advocated by all for not visiting Maddy regarding the files, she overlook all of them and left the place with Aaliya to see Maddy.

However, at first, Maddy used abusive language /words for Aaliya and Nandini but they didn’t mind it. Maddy proceed to visit Nyonika where he saw Harshad too. Madhiam threatened both of them that if they lost it once more, it will be their end.

While in his way, Maddy confornted Nandini and Ryama; and he again showed his arrogance. To this, Aryaman got angry and had a rough session with Madhiam.

Nandini and Aryaman woke up and had a conversation reagarding fab5. She convinced him that she will do something to bring back it.

The Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015 ends. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

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