Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015: Abhi and Pragya Gets An Eye-Lock On Bed

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015: In the precap, it was shown that Pragya and Abhi had eye lock which eventually ended on bed. In the background, it was Allah Wariya as the score.

The next episode (374) starts with the conversation of Dadi and Pragya. Then, Dadi shockingly got to know that someone has heard their talks. It was Bulbul, who heard it and later on appreciated the efforts of Pragya. Dadi reminded Bulbul again to close the door after stepping into the room. She left the Dadi’s room happily. Dadi advised Pragya to be careful as the world is full of show-offs.

Meanwhile, Aaliya seemed happy knowing that Pragya still has a soft corner for Abhi. Raj questioned her while she was smiling thinking the same. Then, Aaliya told her idea to harass Pragya using her feelings for Abhi. Further, she said that Abhi will become a part of their plan unknowingly and then Raj left.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015

In the another shot, Abhi is seen thinking why Pragya save him? Does she still love him? So, he planned to find out the exact and true reason(s) for the same by getting into her mind. Then, he went out of the room in Pragya’s search.

In another conversation with Dadi, Pragya told her that Abhi said to her that she had freed him because she wanted money. To this, Dadi replied that everybody is neither the same nor blind. Then, Bulbul arrived and told Pragya why her Jiju took the money? She revealed that that was for a customer who wanted to book the Kumkum Bhagya hall and he helped him in the task. Hearing this, Dadi became happy and exclaimed that her grandson hasn’t left his goodness.

After that, a flashback is seen in which Bulbul teaches Pragya to become modern, arrogant and build attitude in her. Pragya didn’t want to be strict with her husband, but Dadi recommend Bulbul to teach her again. But, Bulbul left saying that she will but now have to go else her mother will be there waiting with the stick.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015

In the next moment, Sarla is seen reveal ing to Jhanki that Bulbul helped them by calling Abhi. To it, Jhanki replied that he has helped them without knowing in person, this shows his greatness. Further, Sarla added that their call wasn’t connected to Pragya in the time of need.

Then, Bulbul was asked about her whereabout after she returned home. She replied that she went to have coffee with Purab. But, Purab replied that he has dropped her one hour ago. Then, she told the actually reason. Sarla asked if she met Pragya? To it, Bulbul replied that she ignored him while enjoying. This made Sarla feel bad. But, Bulbul cheered her up saying that she met her.

Pragya is seen returning back to the room. Abhi took a pic of her while she was looking for some files and told Abhi that he is a thief. While enjoying the situation, he replied that she has been shot in the video while stealing some stuff and will get arrested. He named the title of the video as Robbery in Rockstar’s house.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015

In the reply, Abhi get shocked when Pragya told him that via this video, she would earn money with numerous likes. But Abhi argued with her and said he want to prove her wrong. Pragya replied that he has stolen the money. Then, he said that yes he took the money but didn’t want to ask her.

Then, he asked her about the real reason for saving him. Pragya replied that he has already told in front of all and asked him to get some sleep as he has to work on the song tomorrow. But she also asked for her file and while taking it back, both of them fall on the bed together and stuck into an eye lock. In the background, the Allah Wariya track played. After taking the file back, she thanked him and left.

In the morning, Abhi intentionally plays the loud music in order to disturb Pragya’s sleep. She woke up and asked him to lower the sound but he replied that he has to work on the song so needs peace and starts exercising. At the next moment, Pragya came near to Abhi and stamp her feet on the table just like Bulbul told her.

Abhi is seen sharing his plan with Purab and said that he will question Pragya but after song finishing the song.

The Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015 episode 374 ends.

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