Kawach (Kavach) 26th June 2016: Manjulika promises to her mom

Kawach 3rd July 2016
Kawach 3rd July 2016

Kawach 26th June 2016: Pari insults Natasha. Natasha in anger thinks that she would insult her back. She takes Pari on the stage and asks her to dance in front of everyone. She announces that Pari would dance now. Pari starts dance sensuously. All the family members clap for her. (check: Kavach Last Episode.)

Rajbeer praises her. Mom says that she did not know that Pari could dance so well. All the youngsters say Natasha that she could not dance as Pari could dance. Natasha comes in anger. Saroj tries to call Kinnear as she thinks that there was something wrong in their house.

Kawach 26th June 2016

But Manjulika informs her that if she called Kinnar, then she would torture Pari. Saroj requests to not to harm Pari. Ranbeer enters the room. Manjulika starts a romance with Rajbeer. Rajbeer opposes her. Pari says that Rajbeer could distinguish between them.

Manjulika twists her hands. She starts emotional blackmailing to Rajbeer. Rajbeer begins a romance with her. Manjulika throws Mangalsultra into a water glass. Natasha sees Pari walking out of the house and follows her. Pari enters in Manjulika’s haveli. She wants to free her mom.

Natasha sees her horrible face and runs to home. She tells everybody about Pari. All the family members ask Ranbeer where was Pari. Ranbeer shows her on the bed. Everybody scold Natasha. In the morning, Ranbeer informs his family that he was going to canada for 15 days.

Kawach 26th June 2016

His mom asks to take Pari with him for a honeymoon. Ranbeer asks Pari to take her passport. Pari burns passport and says Manjulika she would not let her go to canada. Manjulika tortures her and injuries her forehead. Everybody asks what had happened to her. She replies that her leg sliped.

Pari asks Rajbeer to go alone. Ranbeer leaves. Natasha tortures Manjulika that she couldnot go abroad. Manjulika in anger enter Natasha’s room and takes her to the corridor. Natasha becomes unconscious. Shakti takes her to the room and calls a doctor.

Doctor says that Natasha had lots of stress due to which she got unconscious. Natasha gets afraid of Pari. Manjulika tortures Pari.
Ranbeer comes back as there is jam on airport road.

At night, Manjulika’s mother calls Manjulika and asks her to get out from the grave as 30 years ago Bundila family killed her and locked her in the grave. Manjulika promises her mom that she would bring her back to Bundela family. Natasha sees all this.

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