Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016: Hanuman reaches Lanka

Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016

Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016: The episode starts with the Sita says Ravan to leave her. She also says that it was a big crime to get her. Ravan replies that he was attracted by her beauty, she was the most beautiful women and asks her to accept him. (watch: Kawach.)

Sita says that she was married and was regarded most pure. She informs that Lankesh was knowledgeable, sensible but he had proved it wrong by wishing to get her. He says that he would kill her husband. A lady informs Ravan that his son Akshay had come back after studying from Gurukul.

Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016

Sita thinks that Ravan’s good days had ended. On the other side, Hanuman sees Lanka and calls it beautiful. He thinks how Ravan could be its king. There is so much security in Lanka. In order to hide himself, Hanuman takes a miniature avatar, but Hanuman is stopped by Lankini.

Lankini asks the reason for coming here. Hanuman replies that he wanted to see Lanka as he had heard a lot about Lanka. Lankini says if he thought she was a fool. Hanuman apologizes and asks her to come in. Lankini stops him as Hanuman doesnot give her a proper reason. Hanuman fights with her and beats her with Gada.


She apologizes and asks the reason to come here. Hanuman replies that he had come here in order to find Sita Mata. Lankini also informs him that Brahmadev had blessed Ravan that no one would kill him. She also tells him that Devi Sita was under Ashok Vatika. All the family members welcome Akshay.

Sia K Ram 26 June

Ravan comes and hugs him. Then Meghnadh comes and asks if he was still a coward. Akshay bravely replies that his sword would answer him. Ravan says Lanka needed him. Mandodari refuses him to not to be a part of his revenge matter. She asks Akshay to go to his Nana.

Akshay wants to stay with all of them. Mandodari refuses. On the other side, Sita recalls Ravan’s words. Trijata informs her that someone had entered Lanka. Sita is sure that it was Ram’s messenger. Trijata asks her not to worry. Sita nodes and smiles.

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