Krishnastami Movie Review and Rating

Krishnastami 4th Day Collection 4 Days Krishnashtami 1st Monday Box Office
Krishnastami 4th Day Collection 4 Days Krishnashtami 1st Monday Box Office

Krishnastami Movie Review and Rating: Krishna Vara Prasad (Sunil) is an NRI who moves to the USA during his childhood due to some unusual situations. He settles well in life after which he plans to come back to India but gets restricted by his parents. He comes to India without revealing it to his parents and during the journey he falls in love with Pallavi (Nikki Garlani) and he meets Ajay Kumar (Ajay) who will be attacked after landing in the country. Krishna lands in the house of Ajay after which he comes to know that the attack has been planned for him. The rest of the movie is how Krishna solves all the problems and meets his parents. Watch Krishnastami to know about the rest.

Krishnastami Review Analysis:

The first half of Krishnastami has nothing new to reveal. Most of the episodes have been faked completely. The songs have been placed at wrong places and the entertainment has been outdated. The movie gets interesting after a chase during the pre-interval episodes. The interval shots have been powerful and rise up the heat. On the whole, the complete first half of Krishnastami has been just ok because of the interval episodes.

The second half of the movie has enough loads of emotional content which has been carried out well. The entertainment has been decent but the major plot has deviated which make the audience confused. The movie dips down in between for some time and the pre-climax episodes make the film interesting. The climax has been completely impressive but the movie falls flat because of the outdated narration throughout the film.

Krishnastami Casts:

Talented actor Sunil is making his comeback after a long time and he has delivered out a decent performance with the film. He has been outstanding with his dance movements and carried out the emotional episodes well. Nikki Garlani has been decent and glamorous throughout the film. Dimple Chopade impressed with her short role during the second half. Mukesh Rushi and Ashutosh Rana have been stupendous on screen. Brahmanandam has been decent with his performance and so is Sapthagiri who entertained the audience. All the other actors have given out their best for the film.

The story of Krishnastami has been new, never touched and interesting. But it is the screenplay and the narration which spoiled the film completely. The dialogues have been ok and the music has been apt. The background score of Krishnastami elevated the film well and the cinematography has been outstanding. The production values have been lavish enough. Vasu Varma comes out with one more outdated film which fails to impress the audience.




Music and Cinematography

Production Values




Dragged second half

Unwanted comedy

Krishnastami Rating:

Krishnastami is a film that falls flat because of its outdated narration though it has enough commercial elements throughout the film.

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