Kumkum Bhagya 11th Jan Full Episode: Alia melts in front of Raj; Purab gave her last warning

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya is getting more TRP after the recent episodes and death of Bulbul which has not be proved yet. In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya Dadi shows her gratitude for stopping Pragya in the house, Abhi asks her for the reason for which she wants to stop Pragya. Dadi justifies that she has seen the old Pragya in her while she was leaving the way out. Abhi told her not to expect anything from outsiders when own people are ditching them out. Abhi shares an eye lock with Pragya while he was leaving the room.

Kumkum Bhagya Monday Episode

Alia gives padding to herself for taking everyone in her control. Alia thinks that she has the control of the house and she can do whatever she want. Alia told that its the time to take revenge from Abhi every day. Raj enters the house while Tanu tried to stop him, he reminds her that they were a team. He justified that they were agreed upon sharing the property. Alia justifies that as she was the one who worked for all this and for which right he is asking the share.

Raj apologises for trusting on her. He told her that her weakness will turn into a positive for him when she will be in a problem. Alia told him to celebrate the moment leaving the fight behind.

Purab comes to ask about Dadi’s health. Dasi told her about the wrongdoings of Alia in the house, later after Rachna intervention Dasi accepts that Pragya was a better leader than Alia. Purab decided to make her realise that what she has done with her brother was not good in any sense. Dadi thinks of changing times. (Also See: Last episode of Kumkum Bhagya)

Abhi and shared brief talks in an eye to eye contact while sitting in the room together. Tanu told her to make her married with Abhi since they got the money. Alia thinks that Nikhil is going to propose her for marriage and she should get marry. She told her to think once again as Abhi will leave the house one day.


Purab comes in the room of Alia again. Alia told that she is happy since he has moved on. Purab told that he is not happy from her since she is now crossing her limits again. Alia justifies that she was not the one who started the fight between her and Abhi. She dared Purab not to come in between and later justifies that she will handle the situation after making him realise. He ends their friendship and went away.

Tanu comes and Alia was thinking to get him back. She questions that because of her changed behaviour there are chances they will get separated because of this. Pragya was crying in a corner when Purab comes and asks her about all this. Purab told Abhi to open the door as he wants to discuss something. They went inside the room.

Abhi asked him about his condition. He advised him to meet Sarla occasionally. He told Purab not to work for him anymore as he doesn’t have anything for him right now. He furthermore advised not to visit the house again and again.

Purab tells him that he is a strong person as he is handling the situation so well. He furthermore added that he should not drink anymore as it would not be good medium to fight the sorrows.


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