Kumkum Bhagya 13 Oct: Abhi loses the pen fight with Pragya; Agrees for promotion of Lady Products


Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode: In this Episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi has loses the pen fight with Pragya and now he would have to do promotion of Lady Products. There is a lipstick mark in Abhi’s face, whose lipstick is this?

Kumkum Bhagya 13 Oct Tuesday Episode | Zee TV

Kumkum Bhagya 14 Oct Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Episode: Nikhil makes his amazing entry in the house to introduce the sponsor with them. Nikhil introduces his friend Mr. Amodwala with Abhi, Amodwala wants to sponsor the personal functions of their family. Abhi took Pragya in forward and Pragya inquiries about the products. Amodwala tells that the products are lady products and he was willing to have Tanu as a top m odel in the ad film.

Nikhil says that Tanu couldn’t do that film as she is sick. Pragya demands screening of the company and 15 crore rupees. Abhi shocked and took Pragya in the side. Pragya told him to keep the business all on her. Ronnie comes and sits between Nikhil and Tanu. Amodwala demands Abhi as the model for Lady Products. Pragya finalises deal despite the protest of Abhi. Amodwala agrees for 15 crore deal. Abhi invites Nikhil to attend the function.

Tanu was hyper and says that they have to do something of Nikhil to Aaliya. Tanu was too much hyper, Aaliya reminds him that he is here just because he cares for her. Aaliya told Tanu to be calm down otherwise, their plan would get busted in front of everyone.

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Abhi was fighting over the issue of accepting the deal for lady products, Abhi starts protesting by wearing the saree, necklace and glasses on him. Pragya says that she can do anything for money, Pragya tries to convince him for the advt saying that girls would love to see him in this look. Pragya tells she will increase his pocket money.

Dasi and Dadi enter the room and tells Abhi ‘Namaste Benji’, Abhi replied with Namaste. Pragya was trying to control his smile. Dadi slams Abhi and said that he was dancing on the instructions of Pragya. Abhi denied and tells he wants to explain something to her. Dadi says that he is now becoming changed. Dadi and Dadi agree that he has gone completely mad.


Abhi starts shouting on Dadi and Dasi, Dasi slams him for shouting on him. Abhi took the glasses out and removes his all get up. Pragya took a pink pen and says she will hit him if he comes near. Abhi took the black pen and says that he will do the tournament of the pink and black pen. The bet was on doing or not doing off the advt. Pragya somehow makes him lie on the bed and wins the match and says that “Now you have to do this advt”

Abhi took a plan to rebel and put the dumbbells outside the door of the house so that Pragya will fall. Pragya comes out and sees the plan of Abhi and the dumbbells, Pragya shows off to him. Abhi says that her fortune in high. When Abhi was taking his phone, he goes his legs on dumbbells and starts dancing. Pragya comes and kisses him accidently, a lipstick mark left on his cheeks.

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Chanchan and Ronnie see lipstick mark on his cheeks and starts singing, Abhi thinks they are asking for the break. Tanu sees lipstick mark. Tanu comes and slams Abhi as cheater and liar, Abhi thinks that it’s because of her internal damage.

Pragya gives narrator role to Dadi, Indu to Mata heli, Tauji the role of Dashrath, Kekkei to Taiji, Mantra to Mitali and Surpanakha to Aaliya. Aaliya says that she is not interested, Pragya says that she is telling not asking. Purab and Bulbul comes, Purab starts pinching him for the lipstick mark indirectly. Abhi was of no idea what is happening and Tanu was burning like hell.

Aaliya says that they are enjoying with opponents. Abhi says that role of Ravan is booked for Lady Mogambo, Pragya sees the lipstick mark and runs towards her room. Bulbul and Purab tell him about the lipstick mark

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