Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016 Episode 670: Purab Feels Trapped As Abhi Asked To Torture Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016: Purab saw Aaliya talking to some man. Pragya went home and got to know that everyone went for shopping. Abhi was thinking about Pragya only. Abhi thought to get an idea from dasi on how to torture Pragya. Dasi gave him many ideas. (check: Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode.)

Dadi was shocked to hear Abhi wanted to torture his number 1 fan and asked him as for why he wanted to torture her. Dasi asked him to stop talking to her if she was that torturing. Abhi said that he had already tried that. Dasi then gave him some more ideas which he liked a lot.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016

He went in and smiled saying that he would try all on Nitika. Tanu was waiting for Aaliya. She thought to drink something in the mean time she was waiting for Aaliya. As she went to take something, she collided with Jaanki. She scolded Janaki to walk properly with eyes opened. Jaanki scolded her too.

Jaanki said what bad she was planning again. Tanu asked her not to interfere in her matters. Sarla and beeji saw both of them arguing and went to them. Purab too saw Aaliya in the shopping area and went to her and asked her as what she was doing there. She lied and said that she came there for shopping. She was tensed as she felt that Purab might not have seen her with the man.

Purab said that he knew she was there for something else and asked her to tell. Aaliya then scolded him and asked him to be in his limits. She then excused herself. Beeji asked Jaanki as why she was there arguing with Tanu. Jaanki said that Tanu made all her stuff fell on the floor.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016

Beeji started scolding Tanu, but Tanu asked her to mind her tongue and not to talk to her like that. She asked Tanu to pick the stuff, but Tanu denied. She said that her glass might be broken too. Tanu stated that she would give her money for the glass. Sarla got angry and asked her to stay in her limits else she would give her tight slaps.

Beeji said that she would complain to police as Tanu was hurting a senior citizen and asked her to pick up the stuff fast. Aaliya was looking for Tanu everywhere. She then saw her. Tanu asked Aaliya to give all of them a substantial reply. She denied and said that she would not fall to their level and asked Tanu to come from there.

Pragya wrote in her diary that she was happy as Abhi called her fuggi. Next morning Pragya went for office. Sarla said to beeji that she was worried for Pragya’s life as Aaliya and tau were behind her. Abhi asked Purab to help him to torture Pragya. Purab felt trapped.

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