Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2016 Thursday Episode

Kumkum Bhagya latest episode is out. Nikhil is planning to enter the hospital and Tanu is also planning to return and kill Sarla. So what happened next, take a look.
The episode begins with Abhi thinking of Sarla. Nurse comes back and asks tehe compunder to give medicine and he gives a wrong medicines and Nrurse asks him to go away if he is sleepy and Abhi scolds him for giving wrong medicine and Nikhil gets call and Abhi asks hi to go out and talk and tells him to keep his phone silenet when he comesback in. Tanu comes home and Dadi scolds her for coming so late ta night and bhi says she has told me and left and Tanu says my mum told she will not see my face and asked me to leave. Dadi asks why and she says everyone were asking her about my marriage and she is unable o talk to thema nd Pragya thinks of why is she acting now. Guard comes and says a compunder came and said he needs to talk to Abhi.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2016

Compounder comes with a bandage on his head and he says he was attacked by a fake compounder and Abhi gets shocked and asks him can he identify him and Tanu thinks of informing this to Nikhil and goes to her room saying everyone is important for you except me. She calls Nikhil and tells him to leave immediately and he says he is very close to kill her. She says compounder has come and informed about you and Abhi can recognise you. She says she will kill her in the morning. He leaves and asks her to get that compounder out. She thinks of how to get him out. Abhi holds her hand and takes her out. Purab tells everyone that the man has come and tried to kill Sarla and Dadi wonders who can that be and Pragya thinks of Tanu’s fake tears. Purab says he will be with Maa and asks them to be careful too.


Abhi brings to Sarla and says hse has calleme son and I rteat her as her mother and look at her condition and and she is fighting her death and you wanto marry me now. He says there’s a right time for every sutuationa dn says this isn’t time for that and says not to about it now. She tells it is for her real mum and he asks her to leave and she thinks of not to wake up Sarla till morning. Nurse comes and Tanu thinks of staying there.

Mitali thinks of how to act sad and Taya ji asks Doctor to check reports and Pragya asks when will the reports arrive and he says by evening. Gurad comes and says outhouse is opne now and Mitali and everyone see Aaliya breaking the outhouse lock.

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