Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016 Thursday Episode

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode is out. Ishita is at home and Raman is with her and they think of how to spend the whole day and see what happened next here.[See here: YHM all episodes]
The episode begins with Raman and Ishita talking about how to spend the day and she goes to buy vegatables and asks what’s the bill and he says to give whatever she wants seeing the constables and he says maybe she shouldn’t have got them. Raman says him to tell total bill and he says he will accompany Ishita to her clinic and they go to clinic and Ishita meets the doctor and says you can treat he patient and says Iknow you didn’t do anything and says win the case and come back soon. Ishita treats a woman and come back and nurse says she won’t back knowing her charges and she feels sad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The lady constables wait at reception and Raman talk on phone about work. She tells about Sunanda and how she treated her with basic tools and she asks why did she get toothache in the jail and Ishita says the food in jail is faulty. Raman says ouch my tooth ache and she asks him to show his teeth and she says injection is waiting for you and he says he is fine and she says everything is perfect about you except your wife and Raman says she goes off to jail alone leaving me behind. She does everything by herself and says if she had told me they would have robbed the bank together and stayed in the jail together. They get teary eyed and hug and yeh hai Mohabbatein plays,

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016

Simmi shows the gifts to everyone and Mrs. Bhalla says you brought a punjabi suit for me from London. Ishita comes and hugs Simmi. She asks about Ananya and she says she is playing with Adi and Ruhi. Simmi shows dress for Vandu’s daughter. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita are the Iyers moving away from here. Ishita thinks she got confused and says they are moving to the above floor and asks her to talk to Amma to clear confusion. She says fine. Sarika comes home and sees Ishita she asks what to do for dinner and Sarika smiles and thinks the family drama never ends and I will spoil their party. The party begins and Ishita and Raman talk to each other of what to wear and she asks him to wear something that matches her saree and she says he doesn’t when they dine together again and he hugs her and they cry and says he will be with her always.

Ishita gets ready and Raman helps her in tieing the blouse. He fills sindoor in her hairline and they hug. Kid and elders talk in the party and Manoj comes and Ishita nd Raman asks him to give flowers to Shagun and she says maybe he doesn’t know whom to give. Ishita asks him to tell the marriaga date soon and says we are from Shagun’s side and we will do the marriage grand and Manoj realises his mistake and he says as soon she delivers the baby, the marriage will be done. He holds her hand and says sorry and says I love you. Everyone clap and Mrs. Bhalla calls them all for dinner.

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