Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 18th Feb 2016 Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

In the last Episode of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi Ishaani moves Ranveer away from her and says that she didn’t understand what Nurbhay said but according to her everything is fine between them. Ranveer asks her to tell him the truth or else he will shoot himself. 

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi Thursday Episode

He says that she wouldn’t have had teary eyes if she had been happy here. He request her to tell the truth or else he will do it. Ishaani says that she will tell her the truth and as soon as Ranveer brings the gun down, she snatches it from him and throws it out of the window. (Also See: last episode of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi)

She then shouts at him if he has gone mad and says that she did all this for him so that he could get his face back and started crying. She then says she was not able to see his depressed face and so she left his house and his life because she wanted his treatment. Nurbhay had injections but he would have given them only if she moved away from him. So she sacrificed her life for him and his happiness.

Ranveer is mum and says that she again made a sacrifice for him. Couldn’t she ask him once if she loved her so much? He says that he can’t even think of living with her and would die without her. They both start crying and hug each other. Ranveer asks why Nurbhay want all this when he loves Pooja so much. 

Ishaani tells him that Nurbhay thinks that Ranveer is involved in Pooja’s murder and so he wished for all this. Ranveer says that he doesn’t want to live there anymore but then Ishaani tells him of Nurbhay’s warning that he will kill him if he doesn’t marry Naina as Naina loves him. Ranveer tells her that Naina is her good friend and she helped him in getting to know the truth. Ishaani says that then Nurbhay might not object is Naina talks to him and that she must talk to Naina regarding the same. 

Then Ranveer asks Ishaani to promise that she won’t go away now even if death confronts them. She promises and then Ranveer leaves only to come later to pick her up. Here Ishaani is happy and thinks of talking to Naina. Ishaani comes behind her and Naina thinks that Ishaani must follow her till the end of the store room. In the store room Ishaani finds Naina crying asking Shibham to leave or else she would be insulted. Shibham denies the same and even denies giving CD to Naina irrespective of money she is offering. Ishaani jumps in but Shibham pushed her and holds Naina more tightly and says that now he wants something other than money. 

Ishaani slaps him and he says to Naina that he wants her bhabhi now. Ishaani fights him and Naina hits him with a wooden stick and faints him. Ishaani takes the stick from her meanwhile Maa, Aarti and Vikram come over there. They all get that Ishaani killed Shibham and Vikram goes to call Nurbhay. Ritika asks Ishaani what to believe what they are seeing or the story she is telling. Nurbhay arrives and Ishaani says that she was just trying to help Naina. 

Naina says that she knows nothing and that Ishaani just wants Naina to be out of her life and that why she is accusing her. Nurbhay says that Ishaani is accusing Naina so that as soon as Naina goes to jail she could go back to Ranveer. He is about to call the police just then Ranveer arrives and says that no one will call the police. He covers Ishaani behind her saying that Ishaani is her love and no one dare touch her. Nurbhay says that Naina wants to marry him and so should he and let Ishaani go to jail. 

Ranveer asks for what to which Nurbhay says that can’t he see a dead body lying there. Ranveer says that he will destroy the body and he spills kerosene oil on the body and light the matchstick. Ishaani asks what he is doing to which he firmly replies that let him do what he wants to.

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