Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2016 Episode

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. In the earlier series we have seen some unprecedented changes in the drama series, Abhi is looking for a way to convince Pragya in giving divorce. See what happened next.

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode

Abhi goes to Dadi and asks her to help him. She asks what can she do and he says he can’t marry until he gets divorce from Pragya and asks her to talk to her. If she refuses, then the issue goes to court and it takes time. Dasi hears them and Dadi says she will talk to her and let him know.

Pragya thinks about Tanu’s conversation with Abhi and thinks to end the game or else the family will suffer more. Abhi comes to the room and Pragya tears some papers and Abhi goes to her and Pragya turns and he stops. He thinks of talking to her politely as Dadi told she will talk to her about divorce.

So he asks her not to get angry on unnecessary incidents and she asks do you think of my betterment and he says I think of everyone’s betterment. He says you will look old if you keep getting angry. She says you are like the Mumbai rain. No once can understand your behavior. Abhi gets angry and thinks she knows more about me than what I know.

Pragya says so you are talking to yourself in your heart and he says you have become complicated and asks her to look here and there and asks what does she have now? Abhi says he is talking about the life partner, kids and the family while Pragya was looking at the entire room.

He says there should be someone to take care of you and she gets up and falls on his lap and he says so I was saying this. There must be someone to lift you with his arms and put you on the bed and ask you whether you are hurt. They have an eye lock and asks her to look for that one asap. Sanam Re plays. Abhi asks her not to think of earning money all te time. He leaves. Pragya thinks he is taking care of her even though they are so far and thinks how well he can take care when they get back together.

Here comes a big change in Kumkum Bhagya’s story

Tanu comes to Aaliya and says her idea worked and Aaliya looks tensed and asks is everyone fine at home. Is Abhi doing any concert or not? Tanu says he always looks in tension and forgot about his music. Tanu gets Nikhil calls and asks him did he track the blackmailer and he says that one is quite sharp and using different sims all the time and Nikhil ends call saying her to keep an eye on everyone.

Dadi comes to Pragya’s room and shouts Abhi’s name angrily. She asks what has happened and says he is not here and Dadi shuts the door and asks Abhi asked me to ask you to give divorce. She says tell him that you haven’t spoken to me. Pragya keeps hands on Dadi’s face and Abhi enters and asks what’s happening and she says Dadi was asking me to give divorce and I am explaining her that anger is not a good way. She asks Abhi to take care of her or else she will get angry.

Abhi asks Dadi to come and Dadi asks her to give divorce by evening and Pragya says she won’t give and Tanu hears them. Dadi says you started a war now and Pragya says let’s end it with my victory. Tanu comes as Abhi takes Dadi out and asks Pragya to give divorce.

Purab talks to Sarla and says you will stand up once again for us. He says he misses Bulbul and will not leave the murderers alone and Ronni comes and says we will fulfill her mission and Purab says I feel sorry as I couldn’t even fulfill her last wish and says he will send Rachna there and he will definitely find the culprits and ask her to bless him. Sarla gets teary eyed.

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