Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2016 Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Ruhi has given papers to Niddhi and she has delivered them to Raman. See what happened next.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Tuesday Episode

The episode begins with Raman getting shocked seeing the papers and Ruhi argue with him and says he can’t live with him anymore and says she hates him and leaves. Bala asks him to understand the situation and Raman scold him. Bala says Ruhi is undergoing a very bad phase and Raman scolds him and asks him to get out of his house and Bala says you are crossing your limits and says thank you for showing your true colors and says I didn’t come to you begging for money and says you came with the cheque and says he will return his money very soon.

Raman asks him to come only once he has returned the money. Bala cries and leaves. Everyone cry. Simmi and Shagun go to Ruhi’s room and see her talking to Ishita’s pic and Shagun asks her to let Ruhi cry and says she will be fine. They leave.

Bala tells Mr. Bhall to tell Raman that he will return the money and Mr. Bhalla says no need and says you know his state and Bala says he is behaving the same way when Shagun left him. He is in shock and says I am on your side and Mr. Bhalla thanks him. Sarika tells Niddhi that she likes her style and says bad about the family and gives her a hand shake and Niddhi says are you the classic vamp of the house. I care for my family and love Raman and will not leave you if you think of hurting him.

She says I am neither your friend nor enemy and Sarika says how did Raman change so quickly and Niddhi says love and passion. Sarika says Raman used to sleep on the floor as Ishita used to sleep on floor in jail and says they had much love and Niddhi says who told that a person can’t love twice. We have a past and he loves me a lot. Sarika thinks of their past and Niddhi leaves.

The next morning, Raman and Niddhi come for breakfast and Ruhi talks rudely with Niddhi and Raman says it’s time to send Ruhi back to boarding school and Simmi says they will manage Ruhi and asks him to care for his new relations. Raman gets a call and leaves immediately and talks to Pandey about the contract and he says Raichand gave the contract to Ashok as he has seen your headlines in newspapers and Raman says what about Ashok’s past then.

Ashok comes and says you are a lucky man as you are marrying your lawyer Niddhi. I do everything openly and says I am marrying Raichand’s daughter and you do everything stealthily. Raman says he will deal with him in his own way and leaves.

Shagun talks to teacher and asks her why is not letting her talk to Ruhi and the teacher says it’s principal’s order and she rushes to the principal and she says I am Ruhi’s mother and Niddhi comes and argues with her saying, Raman has Ruhi’s custody and he doesn’t like you to take care of Ruhi anymore. Shagun says so you are after all this and Niddhi says I am only after Raman as I love him. She says she will become Ruhi’s new mum and smiles.

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