Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015 (Wednesday) | Zee TV : Pragya goes angry

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015: Its Wednesday Episode is telecasted on Zee TV. This daily soap is one of the most watched Indian Television serials which airs on Zee Network. Here is the written Full Episode of Kumkum Bhagya Wednesday aired.

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015

We left the last episode of it earlier today, here is its continued transcript for today’s episode which started with Abhi informing Pragya that fuggi came to meet him in the night and even kissed him, here Abhi refers Pragya older avatar with Fuggi. Pragya blushes. Abhi says she look good while being angry and calls her lady mogambo.

Pragya insists him not to call her with the name of lady mogambo. Abhi gave her a suggestion to have lady mogambo name on her visiting card. Abhi says there should be no cost cutting for his fuggi and he accompany doll while saying this and says my fuggi needs a news dress daily, a new doll house and specs cover for her. Pragya says that she doesn’t have much time for fuggi and he should bring the things of fuggi himself. Abhi thinks that fuggi is the person who always keep changing and the night would seem as nightmare.

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He says may be my fuggi would never come. Pragya comes to Dadi and Bulbul, and tells Aaliya might know about the producer. She asks them to dropout the plan as Aaliya is willing to meet the producer. Dadi also agrees to drop. They agreed that Aaliya is oversmart. Bulbul says that we can make the meeting with Producer. Pragya says from where we will bring the producer as its not a item for sale. Bulbul asks them to let her think and plan an idea. Pragya says I can’t do anything if you want me to do. Bulbul approaches that she got a plan, Bulbul asks all to hear her plan. Pragya likes her idea but Dadi left stunned

Abhi thinks Ronnie is working with his full honesty and his secretary Payal is not like him and Payal is an uncapable seceratery. He thinks to bribe Ronnie to bribe him against Pragya. He offers him money for exchange of information. Ronnie takes the money and asks that from where he got that money.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015 : Pragya in Saree

Abhi thinks Ronnie went away with his money and decides him to teach a lesson. He asks Payal to woo Ronnie and takes all his money from him. Payal says I am an expert in all this and asks him not to worry about that. Abhi asks that then why she has not done anything right, then Payal explains that she used to have 4 boyfriends. Abhi says all the best. Bulbul tries to convinces Mama ji for producer role ( Sarla’s brother). Mamaji says he can’t do this. Dadi says that they all trust him.

Bulbul tries to emotionally blackmail him and says lie is not lie when you tells for a good deed. Bulbul explains him the importance of mama as ma + ma and he have double responsibility. She asks him to take inspiration from Pragya. Mama ji says I didn’t identify her when I saw her. Bulbul says I will change you completely and you doesn’t need to worry. Pragya requests him to agree for the deal. Dadi also asks him to agree. Mama ji agrees to become the producer for Pragya and Bulbul.

Dadi comes and sees Abhi and Dasi already staring her. She asks why you are staring me. Abhi asks where did you go. Dadi says I went to Gurudwara .Dasi says its one of the most common answer. Dasi asks where is the prasad if she went there. Dadi says I ate the prasad as I thought my sugar is getting down. Dasi says that she already knew that she will give same answer, and why she left Dasi alone at home. Abhi asks where did you go? Dadi says Gurudwara again. And Dadi keep lying. Abhi says you went to meet someone which you not let us know.

Dadi says I went to meet someone. Abhi says did you bring Dada ji for me. Dasi says she didn’t see me and you. Dadi asks are you pulling my leg. Abhi explains that they are kidding with her. Abhi says yes and hugs her. Dadi says I will take you to the Gurudwara next time to meet the Dada ji. Abhi answer you both shall go together and enjoy and do the shopping together.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015

Tanu insists Aaliya that the lady might have forget your telephone number, or that producer don’t want to meet you. Tanu started getting hyper. She says why he will meet destitute people and asks Aaliya to call that lady. She says she wants to secure her baby’s future and may be her baby will come till the deal done. Aaliya says okay, I will call her. Pragya calls her and says my boss is enthusiastic to meet you, but they will decide the time and place of meeting. She asks her to come on time and asks her not to bring her friend Tanu along with her.

Aaliya asks how do you know about my friend? Pragya says when we deal with someone we always enquired about them. Aaliya says okay. Tanu gets happy and Aaliya says Tanu to rest her home and she will do the deal. Aaliya asks her to take rest and says she will take care. Pragya thinks Aaliya will steal the CD today and which will help to make things smooth for her. Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015.

Abhi has drawn the picture of Pragya. Abhi draws Pragya’s sketch and asks her to sit straight as he is making the sketch. Pragya tries to see the sketch and asks him to show else she will file case against him. Abhi says he don’t have money to make lawyer drink tea also. Pragya enquired, why he has made the sketch of Pragya, Abhi says he made it for visiting card. Abhi says he made it with love and asks her to see beside love. [The pic was looking like a pic of Gorrila] He shows the pic and says my lady boss….lady mogambo. Pragya goes angry with him and gives the idea of hanging the picture in temples and scare all gods.

Abhi talks to the Tannu’s baby and asked her about when he is going to come out. Pragya doesn’t think that its going to be a good thing as Abhi has started getting attached to Tannu’s Baby

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2015 ends.

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