Swaragini 23rd September 2015: Ragini’s Conspiracy Gets Shallowed


Swaragini 23rd September 2015: In the last episode, it was revealed that Durga Prasad gave Swara time till morning to prove Sanskar’s innocence. The current part continues the same as happened in the next morning.

The starting of the episode featured Swara letting Durga Prasad know that Sanskar was asleep when Laksh went to his room. Laksh said that Sanskar might have used the pipe to go back after the kitchen incident. Durga Prasad agreed with the point of view of Laksh and Dadi also confirmed it.

Then, Swara asked everybody that how it could be possible that Sanskar know if Ragini will come to drink or not or anyone else.  She contacted Ragini to confirm if that person was Sanskar or not. Ragini confirmed Sanskar as the same man and added that the Bracelet proves it. Then, Dadi told Swara to accept that her husband is really the guilty person.

Swaragini 23rd September 2015

Durga Prasad interrupted and said that she had asked for time and he has given the same. After that, he asked Laksh and Sanskar to stay there except everyone. Then, Swara asked for Ragini to which Durga Prasad told Laksh to do as she said. But Swara stopped Laksh and rather asked Sanskar to call Ragini and whispered something in Sanskar’s ears. But Laksh interrupted her and asked why would Sanskar go to bring Ragini there. But Swara replied him that only mad will repeat the mistake.

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Meanwhile, Ram and Sujata got worried for Sanskar. On the other hand, Sanskar reached Laksh’s room and knocked and in Laksh’s voice, he asked Ragini to go with him downstairs. Dadi consoled Ragini not to worry anymore and let her go with him. Annapurna worried at her place. Swara let everyone know the amount of the time it all took and then switched on the lights. In the light, Ragini saw Laksh standing in front of her and Sanskar holding her hand. Durga Prasad didn’t get Swara’s point. He asked her to clarify it. Swara replied that Ragini came with Sanskar but thought he was Laksh.

Swaragini 23rd September 2015

Further, she added that Sanskar is innocent and she has proved it, but told everyone that she will show proof of it in the morning. However, Laksh again interrupted her and said that Sanskar is guilty. Durga Prasad stopped him to do or say anymore and asked him to go to his room as Swara has made her point and is right.

Later on, Sujata asked Swara if she could prove Sanskar’s innocence. She confirmed her mother saying yes. Then, Swara looked at Sanskar and remembered his love confession for her.

Laksh told Ragini’s Dadi that he can’t let this happen. But Dadi asked him to leave it at its own place. Laksh replied that he can’t forget the incident as Ragini is his wife after all and added that he will punish Sanskar at any cost if Swara failed. Laksh asked Dadi and Ragini to sleep in his room and he went to sleep in study room.

Dadi told Ragini that she has trapped herself in her own plan. But Ragini said that she will not fail as she has the support of her husband. But Dadi told him that this is not possible until Sanskar and Swara live there and added that Swara can’t prove him right. Dadi said that she will not leave until everything settle.

Swaragini 23rd September 2015

Meanwhile, Sanskar tried to tell Swara what he thought but Swara’s attention drew away by the muddy footprints and wandered about their existence. Sanskar felt that she was ignoring him and tried to ask her. But by now, Swara saw a chain and realized that someone was keeping an eye over them. Then, she tried to think to whom it belonged.

Meanwhile, Dida asked Shekhar about Ragini but he rejected to talk and walked away. Sumi came to see Swara and told her that Sanskar hasn’t done anything wrong or bad. Dida told Sumi that Swara will not support any kind of bad activity and prayed for her win. Dida wanted to go to Banaras to see her sister as she was ill. Sumi agreed with her.

Swara visited Ragini and seeing it, her Dadi refused to take her away and from making any answers to questions. Sujata asked her about the reason and told that her daughter-in-law was just trying to protect her own son. And added that she will have to answer Swara’s question at any cost. After that, Dadi agreed with her.

Swaragini 23rd September 2015

After a while, Swara came with a chain and showed it to everyone and asked Laksh if it belonged to him. But Laksh denied. Then, Swara replied that she found out it in the hall and said that it was lying down near the table. After hearing her talks, Laksh laughed. But, Swara in a serious mood said that it was not a joke.

Laksh replied that they all were in the room except her and added that he will now call the police. Durga Prasad stopped him from calling and added that it will not be called. He confirmed his decision and asked Swara to proceed as she still has her time. Swara wanted to check everyone’s room and asked Laksh if he has any problem with it. Further, she added that she will check with the watchman so that no one doubt her proofs. She checked all the rooms. Adarsh asked Swara if she is going to take the complete night just for the sake of one thing to prove. Swara said that only Laksh’s left and went to go throughout it too. In his room, she found two water bottles and stared at them.

Swara asked Ragini to let everyone known what exactly happened in the dark. Dadi refused to it and said that Ragini is not going to answer the same question repeatedly. However, Durga Prasad asked Ragini to participate whole-heartedly and to co-operate. Then, Ragini started telling step by step. She said she came to the kitchen to drink water. Then, she questioned her that why did she come to the kitchen where there were already two bottles of water present in her room. Ragini shocked hearing this.

Swaragini 23rd September 2015 episode ends.

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  1. Why do directors and producers encourage such behaviour in this film, I feel sorry for swara, but for ragini,she deserve to be punished and please do make it fast I want to see ragini ‘s reactions when get caught.

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