Kumkum Bhagya 28th Oct 2015 Wednesday Episode: Will Abhi Kill Pragya?


In the 29th Oct episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Raj asks Vijay about Pragya and Vijay took him inside the Raavan and shows her. Vijay explains his plan of getting Pragya killed from the bow of Abhi. Tanu comes and Vijay also shows Pragya to her despite of Raj’s protest. Tanu goes excited seeing her tied inside the Raavan.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October Wed Episode

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Sponsors were searching for Pragya and Dadi told them for a while. Abhi comes and told them to apologise to Dadi otherwise he will cancel the event despite of permission from Company’s head. Abhi decided to burn the Raavan, Sponsor come and told them about their deal to burn the Raavan in front of Company’s head. Purab controls the situation bit much.

Pragya begs god not to took benefit of situation and let someone kill her else than Abhi. Pragya tells that it’s the last wish of her to keep Abhi happy always.Abhi comes and told everyone that Pragya is only taking footage. Abhi started doing rest in front of Raavan. Pragya’s bangle fall in legs of Abhi and he started asking people about it. Abhi goes inside the Raavan and tells that Mogambo has done too much expense of him.

Abhi tells a statement which hurted Pragya ‘When you will burn, fall on Lady Mogambo and kill her to the end’. Abhi asks Ronnie and Purab about Pragya. Sponsor scolds the family for the irresponsible behaviour, and threatens them for not any deal in future. Indu threatens them for filing case against them if Pragya would not be traced. They mutually agreed to end the event.


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Taiji nominated Raj to kill the Raavan and forces him, Mitali also supports. Raj accidently says that he doesn’t want to indulge in the murder of anyone, Taiji took it lightly. Raj denied to fire Raavan and went away. Bulbul and Purab shares a funny moment when they called each other and Purab found Bulbul beside her. Purab informs her about Pragya. Bulbul doubts Aaliya and Tanu for kidnap of Pragya, Purab denied the plan as it could be a negative plan.

Raj informs Tanu that he have plan to make fall Abhi in prey. Tanu threatens him that she will expose him if Abhi got caught in all this, Raj told that Tanu is also indulged in this plan and if anything wrong happens; they both would get caught. Tanu get tensed about herself as being caught on both phases.

Sarla asks Bulbul about Pragya, Purab tells Abhi that he have to burn the Raavan to settle the dispute. Pragya calls Abhi from her heart and Abhi listened her voice from heart. Abhi started thinking that someone is in problem and wants his help, he informs Purab about all this.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th Oct Episode Preview

Pragya calls Abhi from her heart, Abhi holds the bow and about to fire Pragya. Watch here Kumkum Bhagya on YouTube.


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