Kumkum Bhagya 29th September Tuesday Full Episode | Zee TV : Purab comes to know about secret of Bulbul

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode: Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian television serial which airs on Zee TV. In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya Purab comes to know the secret and going to tell the secret to Abhi. Bulbul is trying to stop him.

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Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 29th September Episode: Pragya and Bulbul were preparing for the meeting in the hotel and Bulbul is going to host Aaliya in the hotel. Abhi spotted Pragya and then she sides, Abhi thought its Mogambo ruling his mind too much. Pragya says isn’t Abhi find any other hotel to come, why did he come here. What if she got exposed in the place of Aaliya. Raj thinks that something is going wrong, he calls Aaliya. Aaliya says that she have to go to a party and couldn’t come. raj goes angry because of this. Aaliya says him not to worry and he will come there within an hour.

Bulbul has taken the makeover of a Sardar and started flirting with Pragya, Pragya couldn’t identify her and started shouting, Bulbul asks her not to shout and hugs her. Pragya says well done Bulbul, I was not able to identify you. Bulbul says Aaliya has left the house, she could be here anytime. Pragya tells that Purab and Abhi are also here. Bulbul tells her not to worry and covers her face with her pallu, Pragya says you are duffer Saree is made of net and her face will be seen clear through it. Ronnie also enters in the makeover of a Gujarati. Bulbul took the dupatta of Ronnie and covers the face of Pragya with it, Bulbul asks them to follow her instructions.

Kumkum Bhagya – Bulbul as Sardar ji

Dadi is for the success of Pragya and Bulbul and their fast comeback to the home. Dasi was sad, Dasi comes to Dadi and complains her that nowadays Dadi has changed and stopped sharing the heart talks with her, Dasi goes angry and started behaving like she is packing her bags and going to leave the house. Dadi asks her to calm down and sits on the bed. Dasi started crying and says that she couldn’t bear this changed behaviour of Dadi, and she is going back to Bhatinda as Dadi is changed now. Mitali was listening to them from back.

Kumkum Bhagya – After Interval

Dadi says her that the conditions are different and something big is going to happen today which will change the life of everyone. Dadi also says that she wants to tell this thing to Disa from very long, but she will tell her everything today. Mitali decided to find this out at any cost. Abhi, Purab, Ronnie, Pragya and Bulbul all are in the same lift. Ronnie asks Pragya not to worry. Abhi tries seeing her face, but Ronnie in between them and Abhi says that he thinks he has seen this Gujarati somewhere, and his face looks like his enemy. Abhi again tried to see the face of Pragya. Ronnie shows his anger and says that if he touches this girl he will need to marry her. Abhi and Ronnie start cat fighting again. Bulbul who is in get over of Sardar goes up and says that no one should see the woman with the wrong intention. Abhi asks them to calm down; Abhi says that he is only looking whether she is not his fuggi who identifies her as Rockstar Abhi. A woman from the back says Abhi should be beaten. Purab says sorry to everyone on Abhi behalf. Purab started staring at Bulbul (Sardar ji) to identify her.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015

Taya ji and Tai ji come back from jogging, Mitali comes to them and says them that something big is going to befall today. She tells them that Dadi was talking about it and they have to find it what is going to happen today. Tai ji also agrees that we have to find out what is happening here. Abhi mesmerised that if he tells that girl was looking like Pragya, then Purab will think that he is gone mad. Abhi tells him that I was just teasing her. Purab spotted moustache falling from the Bulbul’s face and spotted her. Pragya asks her to come as Bulbul was standing there.

Purab asks Bulbul that what she is doing with Pragya, he thinks they are making some plan against Abhi. Bulbul asks him to calm down and listen to her. Purab thinks that they will keep lying again and again, Purab blackmails them that he will-will tell everything to Abhi. Bulbul says first listen to her, Purab says they both are cheating us and he have never expected this from her. Purab blames that Pragya has cheated everyone. Purab blackmails that he is going to tell Abhi everything. Bulbul holds her hand, Purab takes a strong lift on his hand and Bulbul falls on the wall.

Precap of Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya tells Bulbul to talk to Purab and tell him to take Abhi from here. Bulbul comes to Purab and talks him to take Abhi to somewhere else.

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