Balika Vadhu 29th September Tuesday Full Episode | Colors TV : Anandi and Jagya found new clues

Balika Vadhu 29th September : Balika Vadhu is an Indian Televison Program which airs on Colors TV. In this episode of Balika Vadhu, Jagya and Anandi got some new clues of Nandini and Disa

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Balika Vadhu Full Episode

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Balika Vadhu Tuesday Episode: Anandi was resembling her memories with Shiv that she will find their daughter at any cost for Shiv and her. Anandi just wants one more clue which can lead a better guidance to search for Nandini. Scene changed, Disa and Nimboli were travelling; Nimboli asks Disa that where they were going. Disa tells that we are going to somebody’s house. Nimboli asks ther who is the person. Disa started thinking of her childhool when her father used to scold her to stop playing. Mom of Disa scolding her and her uncle is protecting her. Disa says that we are going to my house, where I have spent my childhood. My mom, Dad and Uncle lives there. Nimboli was trying to ask her something, Meanwhile a little girl opens the door and ask them to whom they want to meet. Disa asks for Kakusa, Girl told them to followe her. Girl was started shouting Dada dada someone is here to meet.

Balika Vadhu 29th September – Dadi Sa

Anandi is sharing the memories of Nandini and the type of tortures she have suffered due to Akhiraj and his son. Sarita says her that Pooja was about to get married to Akhiraj’s Son if Nandini wouldn’t, Pooja have to bear this torture, she is indebted to Nandini. Sarita says I want to hug Nandini and thanks her. Pooja hears all this and goes little tensed.

Disa enters in the room and sees Kakusa lying on the bed. Kakusa refused to identify her, Disa goes to his legs and started childhood saying they used to play. Kakusa remembers everything and started smiling. Disa says ‘Kakusa’ Kakusa gives her blessings and asks her about her situation. Disa tell him that she is fine and she has came here with her daughter (Nimboli). Kakusa asked her reason of coming here after so much time. Disa says that she just want to stay here for some days and spend the time. Kakusa tells the servernt to take them to the guest’s room. Disa brother enters and ask servant to not to take her to guest’s room. Kakusa said that its his house and tells servant to go. Disa’s brother started looking angrily to them.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

Harki comes to the police station to meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks him for any progress in his case. Harki refuses and tells that the situation is getting evem worse, Kamli is ruling the house. Kamli has bring Pushkar to his room and asked Harki to sit in the corner and cry there. Akhiraj tells her not to worry, he will be free after 4 days from here and then he will teach them a lesson.

Anandi in Balika Vadhu

Akhiraj asks Harki to go to Jaipur and talk to his lawyer there, the lawyer will take the care of the case. Harki informs Akhiraj that Nimboli and Disa has been flew from there house and Anandi has come to the house and keep asking for Nimboli. Akhiraj tells him to ensure that MLA and Anandi should not find a single proof of Nimboli, its her duty to make it sure. Akhiraj tells her that at the end, Anandi is going to come to ours only. Akhiraj asks her about Kundan, Harki says he is fine and he is staying at the house of ….. Akhiraj presses his neck tightly and tell her to be silent. Akhiraj says he will be trouble for them, let him get released once.

Akhiraj calls a constable passing aside and tried to bribe him for a luxury life with all facilities, The constable says that its not possible as MLA is very honest and he is taking care of Akhiraj’s case. Akhiraj tells him that he will get lots of money and ask him to think at the home. Akhiraj mismerises that once he will get out he will kill Jagya dn Mangla first who takes him in this trouble.

Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Disa calls Jhalra home and Pushkar picked up the call, Harki takes the call silently from Pushkar and ask him to go. Disa tells that She is in her home village with her Kakusa

Jagya comes to know about it through call tapping and ask Anandi to come in car.

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