Swaragini 29th September 2015 Tuesday Episode | Colors TV : Ragini goes hopeless again

 Swaragini  Tuesday Episode: Swaragini is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV. In this episode of Swaragini, the arrangement of the marriage were going on in the house. Ragini has become hopeless because of one statement of Sanskar
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Swaragini 29th September: The episode begins with Sujata telling Swara that she is happy as the marriage got stopped due to Sumi’s illness. Swara agrees with her and also says that she is more concerned about mom. To which Sujata responds saying that Mom will be fine, don’t worry. Sujata packs Swara’s bag and asks her to go out with Sanskar. At the same time, she also asks Sanskar whether he truly loves Swara or not. To which he says, he does. Then she goes on saying that Swara is a good and understanding girl and hope that she will get a Bengali lad at the earliest. Sanskar, Swara and Sujata were getting downstairs and see Sumi sitting in the hallway.

Swaragini 29th September 2015

Ragini asks her about her health and asks her why didn’t she let them know on the beforehand. Swara rushes to her and she too asks how is he. Laksh responds to her saying that Kul Devi Pooja is necessary so he has brought her over there. Annapurna agrees to Laksh and says Sumi must have been worried. Ragini comes into ply and says that Laksh will be leaving for his meeting and Kul Devi Pooja will go on. She also reveals that this time Maa will not miss Swara’s marriage. Annapurna agrees with her.

Swara and Sumi go into a room where Sujata asks Sumi why did you come to the pooja, to which some says that she was forced to attend pooja by Laksh. Sanskar understands that they are now in a critical position and looks like Ragini is now the ultimate finisher and decides to turn the tables somehow or reveal the truth that they aren’t married.

On the other hand, Ragini is fast and does all the arrangements for the mehndi event. Annapurna thanks her and Ragini say, she doesn’t mind doing these for her sister. Laksh leaves and Ragini, Swara send off Laksh and he hopes with his return, the marriage would be finished and goes away. Sanskar looks for Sumi’s medicine and the Ragini says that she will take care of Sumi and asks them to get ready for their wedding. Sanskar angrily says to Ragini that forced marriages don’t last long. A marriage should between a loving couple, not between the strangers. Ragini concludes saying that am looking forward to it.


Laksh leaves off in his car and he suddenly gets stopped by fake cops and literally gets kidnapped later. Sanskar says that he has kidnapped Laksh to Swara. Swara trembles and asks him why did he do that. Sanskar says that he will be fine and says that they are now limited to 24 hours to expose either Ragini’s truth and tell their own truth. The time is ticking Sumi eavesdropped the whole conversation and says to Sanskar that you have done wrong. Sanskar says that this way we can expose Ragini.

Ragini comes over and says to Sanskar to give up. Sanskar responds saying that Ragini, we have kidnapped Laksh and you only one way to see him again. Ragini gets shocked after hearing that asks Sumi to tell that it’s a lie. Sumi says it is the truth. Ragini breaks down and says that Laksh is your own brother, to which he responds saying that, he can go to any heights to prove you guilty. Ragini is only left with one answer that is to expose the truth or let Laksh die in some place.

Ragini tries to taunt Sanskar by saying that, you will not harm your brother. You just gonna blackmail me to expose the truth, but the real reason is you are just bluffing about Lakshmi’s kidnap. Ragini says that ultimately she will be inner and will not let herself down at any moment. Sanskar concludes saying that he has started the game and he will be always ahead of her. Ragini becomes much more helpless after hearing this.

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