Kumkum Bhagya 30th Jan 2016 Episode: Pragya seeks an alternative way to find Tanu’s Boyfriend reality !


In the recent episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, we have seen how Pragya exposed in front of everyone that Raj was the one who helped Alia in all wrongdoings. All doors are closed for Raj now as he realised that greedy Mitali also attempted to cheat him and he left no option left. Abhi decided to get married to Tanu in the next few upcoming days in a hope that everything would be alright.

Kumkum Bhagya Saturday Episode

Pragya offered support to Mitali for exposing Raj. But she keeps on crying in front of her and blames her for this all. She told her that she want to be like her at the very moment but now she would hate her by all the ways. Mitali told her that she will take the revenge from Pragya and destroy her for separating her from her loving husband. Tanu seeks as an opportunity as she can easily redirect all the things. (Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya)

Sarla expresses her concerns with Purab, Purab justifies that it’s all money madness which is creating all the mess. Sarla justifies that all the near and dear ones of Abhi have betrayed him. She told him to get her married with Tanu in order to complete him. Sarla informed him that it was only her who gave him permission in order to get engaged and have a happy life.


While Abhi and Pragya were in a room, Pragya enters and Abhi asked her about future plans. He told her to return the money and be like old Pragya. Pragya questions that if she will turn into Fuggi once again, will he accept her back? Pragya told him to wait a bit more so that time will reveal the things.

Pragya gave a parcel to Rony to handover it to Tanu. Rony flirts with him a little bit and gave her parcel saying that the person she met yesterday, have left it.

Mitali tries to woo Raj by making him the favourite food. She tried to feed him the food with her hands, Raj scolded her to go somewhere else and do the love with someone other. He expresses his anger at not having any emotional attachment. He told her to go and die. Mitali begs in front of him and told that she has changed now completely. Raj gives him the punishment of not to show her face once again in life and he will only hate him throughout the life.

Tanu got a watch in the parcel and thinks that someone has parcelled it to turn out the things. Pragya called her in the voice of a man and told that the watch in the box is of her child’s father. Pragya asked him to give the money in order to save her.

Rony told her that he is the one who gave the parcel to him in order to deliver. Pragya comes in between and advised her to keep care of her baby.


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