Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016: Saturday Episode – Star Plus

Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016The show starts with Janak and Ram in Mithila. Janak thanks Ram for protecting masses today by stopping the water storm in time. Urmila asks Sita not to hide her happiness and smile. Janak says that Ram and Laxman have been through a lot as their guest. Ram calls him his son and that it is his duty, not any formality. Everyone is glad to hear this and Janak is related hearing this. (see: Watch All Episodes of Siya K Ram.)

Dasharath inquires about arrangements made for welcoming Guru Vashits. He demands that their welcome should be one of its kinds as his bahu would be coming from Mithila. The man assures him about the arrangements. Dasharath sees Kaikeyi handling all the arrangements for food, clothes etc. He shows his happiness seeing her add on to happiness. She says that it is the duty of a mother to son. She gladly says that it is his Ram’s marriage and she will make it memorable.

Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016

Sita reading that a man with knowledge can win everyone’s heart. Sunaina is crying seeing her jewellery. She takes Sita’s childhood bangles recalling of how she wished to wear them in her marriage. She wonders how time has passed and now she is getting married. Both of them start crying. Sita says that she is still her little Sita and don’t want to leave her.

Sunaina tells her that she will in the care of three mothers at Ayodhya and will forget her against their love. Sita denies it and hugs Sunaina. Janak’s eyes are filled with waters seeing all this. Sita runs to her father and says he cannot hide his tears from her and they both start shedding tears.

Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016

Mandodari asks Malyavaan that is this, not sign of going against Lord Vishnu and other Devs’. Malyavaan tells her Raavan does everything after thinking twice. She warns him that his attacks on Mithila and his actions can be dreadful for Lanka. Raavan tells her to be in her boundaries as she is talking to his Nanashri. Malyavaan calms him down. Raavan tells her that she should be glad as she made her first queen. She says she is proud to be his wife but is worried as many people have cursed you. He replies that this is king’s job to worry and she must leave.

Sita and her sister pray at the temple while Ram and Laxman approach it. Urmila is worried that if they both stay together Ram and Sita won’t be able to talk. She along with her sister’s go to Ram and ask for help in getting some flowers from the jungle. She asks her to send Laxman along to help them. Ram agrees and requests Laxman to do the same while he walks inside the temple.

Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016

Sita prays to god how glad and blissful she is to have a family like this and now Ram as her husband, she thanks Lord for completing her life and says she wishes no more. Ram also starts praying. Sita feels him and turns to find him standing there. Ram ask her if she was happy with the marriage proposal. She says he asked her the same in Swayamvar and she gave her opinion. Ram says he just wanted to confirm, did she take her decision emotionally or she really is happy.

Urmilla, Mandvi and Shruti Kirti go near lake and they try to pull his leg scaring him of crocs in water. Girls are happy seeing lotus and they continue with their fun making with Laxman. Suddenly a snake comes out of lake and shocks Urmilla.

Sita says that this was all destiny as she felt a bond with him before even seeing him. She felt about him at Gauri temple and when she heard of his doing like Tadaka’s death and Ahilya’s Uddhar and when she heard about him coming to Mithila she was assured of their meet.

Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016

She calls her lucky as she would spend her life with him. Ram says that they came to visit Shiv Dhanush and not for Swayamvar and asks about her belief. She says prediction is never backed by any belief and smile. Urmila shouts in fear seeing the snake.

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