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Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode: The very last night Abhi and Pragya had an argument regarding their future plans after Abhi will get married to Tanu (Read full episode). In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya when Pragya has woke up and sees Tanu coming up with flowers in order to irritate Abhi. She stops her while Tanu replied by insulting her. Abhi woke up and spotted Pragya holding the bouquet of flowers, at the very moment Tanu justifies that it was her who bought the flowers.

Kumkum Bhagya Wednesday Episode

Tanu told him that they are going to have a romantic dinner tonight, Abhi told her to make it perfect in order to make Pragya jealous. On objection by Pragya, Tanu claimed that she doesn’t need any money from her. Dadi and Sarla share some moments discussing Pragya’s sacrifices. Jhanki objects for not informing her about the same.

While Mitali again makes an unsuccessful attempt in trying to woo Raj to get back to the normal. He exposed his anger on her, Rachna comes and tries to support Mitali. Raj is not in a mood to change his decision. Mitali keeps on crying and Raj wents away where Rachna assures that everything gonna be alright.


When Pragya, Dadi, Sarla and Purab was meeting in the Sarla’s house. They decided that Purab and Pragya will go together to find out the truth of Tanu’s boyfriend. Pragya would be the blackmailer and they will take Rony help in order to identify the culprit in a good time.

To plan out the conspiracy against Pragya, Mitali wents back to Abhi and insists him to get married to Tanu in order to live a happy life. She governs that its the best time to take money back from her. Rachna hears their conversation. Mitali even planned their court marriage with her lawyer friend. Abhi also agreed to get married in the court.

To explain the plan to catch the Tanu’s boyfriend, Rony, Pragya and Purab visited the stadium. He advised her to make a shout in case she will feel any threat. Purab said that he will take the secret camera to show the proof to Abhi. Rachna called Pragya and informed her that Mitali has taken Abhi to the courtroom in order to get him married.


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