Project Abraham: Save Yazidis from Genocide


Project Abraham has been launched by an activist named Gary Rose to raise funds for Yazidis. According to the tagline of the project raised on Go Get Funding, ‘Save two Yazidi families who have fled the genocidal onslaught of ISIS. These families are now in Turkey barely surviving in refugee camps.’

Since ISIS have already declared that they are going to kill all the Yazidis, their families are in utmost dangerous condition. According to the fundraiser ‘Neither the Iraqis, the Kurds nor the Coalition forces today fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria are willing to help them.’ They have highlighted the following video in order to highlight the situation of Yazidi people.

It was written that ‘The Mozuud Freedom Foundation is working hand in hand with theYazidi Human Rights Organization to bring two families to Canada. If we do not advocate for the Yazidi and help them leave the camps where they are now persecuted by their Muslim hosts, thousands will die. Their situation is as dire and perilous as it was for the Jews of Europe in the late 1930s. The Canadian government has not yet decided to help Yazidi refugees come to Canada but WE CAN! If we can raise $35,000 then the government will allow us to sponsor a family of six to come and enjoy the right and freedoms that we hold dear.’


The fundraising campaign has collected more than 4100$ till now and one of the most trending and controversial campaign. Whatever the reason may be but to save anyone from an act of terrorism is a job of every govt.

(Note: We do not endorse any campaign at The Reporter Times, article is merely for social awareness)

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