Kumkum Bhagya 8th Dec: Purab caught Vijay red handed while Tanu questions Pragya’s ‘Character’

Kumkum Bhagya

In the yesterday’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Purab and Abhi have woke up Vijay forcefully by hitting his legs with the sticks which make him got tensed and revealed his reality in front of everyone that he was trying to fake his unconscious state. Tanu and Alia being shocked of this development thinks of planning something more evident in a course to kidnap or kill him.

Raj comes with the plan to kill him and gave the instruction to Tanu to make him eat the poison. Tanu running away from her responsibilities initially denied for the same but later agreed to help them in the project. Bulbul, Puran and Dadi decided to play the role of spy on Vijay and all other family members.

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th Dec: Pragya and Alia were sitting in the where Alia has asked everyone to come for a meeting, everyone comes and Alia claims it to be a family gathering without any differences. Bulbul who found something fishy in Alia’s behaviour got alerted and started following up the situation.

Mitali gives stupid ideas to discuss upon. Abhi supports her and told everyone to declare the newness in everyone’s life by each of them. While they all were doing timepass, Alia talked to Tanu about Raj’s instruction of keeping all others busy. Everyone shared their life moments where when the turns come of Bulbul she makes Alia jealous of her relationship.

Raj instructed escape plan to Vijay where Mitali comes and started speaking her mind where everyone was trolling her. She spotted him talking to someone and shared her concerns with him. Raj told him to sleep as it would help her, she doubts his intentions and told him to take her with him.


Raj told her to bring ID card and went aways, Raj entered the room of Vijay. On the other side, Abhi doubts the intentions of Pragya since she was behaving like fuggi. Abhi questions her real character, Pragya told that he needs the skill to identify it. She added that at the right time he will know, He justifies that she need to tell the actual thing now.

Raj comes with some other kidnappers and woke up Vijay, Abhi kept on holding Pragya. She went from there giving an excuse. Vijay hits Raj with a rod on his owns instruction. Vijay runs away from there. Mitali blames him for his actions.

Pragya left stunned After Seeing Vijay

Tanu and Alia keep on going his drama, Tanu goes up and blames Pragya for her actions. She starts shouting up on Pragya and Mitali joins him. Pragya goes angry when she questions her relationship with the decorator. Tanu keeps on doubting her character.

Tanu told her characterless on which Purab comes with guards and the culprit Vijay. Tanu looks like a two sided slapped person with Purab’s entry.

Pragya offers space to Vijay and asks him to name if the person who hired him belongs to the family or not.

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This series of Kumkum Bhagya is going to the level next interesting, the important question arise today is whether Alia will take the revenge from Bulbul for hurting her sentiments in front of everyone.

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