Kumkum Bhagya 29th Oct 2015: Abhi saved Pragya from the Burning Raavan; Decided to found out the name of Tanu’s Boyfriend


Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Episode: In this Episode of Kumkum Bhagya,  Abhi saved Pragya from the Burning Raavan; and Pragya decided to found out the name of Tanu’s Boyfriend

Kumkum Bhagya 29th Oct Thursday Full Episode update

Dadi calls Abhi for burning the Raavan, Abhi enters and took the bow in his hand. Tanu tensely looks at Raj and Raj gives him instruction to come with him. Tanu was tensed when Abhi took the Arrow on his hand, Abhi fires a test shot without fire on his arrow. Pragya calls Abhi from heart and doubts on the power of love meanwhile. Purab lighten up the arrow in Abhi’s hand. Everyone does shouts for Lord Rama.

Abhi starts realising that he should not burn the Raavan, Background music plays. He recalls the moments spend with Pragya. Everyone looks at Abhi to shoot the arrow. Pragya was having the last moments of her life in the Raavan. Flashback was shown of the moments they had spent together, Abhi wonders that why he is reminding of her in this situation.

Vijay comes to Raj and asks him for 5 Lakh rupees, Raj told him that a person standing outside in chemist shop will give his money to him. Raj threatens him to go away else investigation will start soon. Vijay said that he is not scared of anyone.

Countdown ended and Abhi shooted the arrow from his bow, and the Raavan starts burning badly. Pragya starts getting suffocated inside the Raavan of the gas and calls Abhi to save her, Tanu said that she is threatened of all this to Raj. From a hole, Abhi sees Pragya getting suffocated inside the Raavan, Abhi got shocked of seeing this. Abhi thinks of saving her or not and remembers the changed attitude of her.

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The the real climax of Kumkum Bhagya begins; Abhi ran away to save her, because once he have also loved her. Pragya remembers of last moment with Abhi, Abhi comes on a bike and jumps it directly from the middle of the Raavan. Abhi comes to save her, the wood falls in his way. Pragya told him that her love is true as Abhi have listened the voice of her heart. Purab informs everyone about this and everyone was almost in tears.Pragya hugged Abhi when Abhi keep scolding her. Despite of having some difficulties while going down, Abhi saved her and took her to the bedroom directly. Bulbul told Ronnie to took the water. Pragya goes in his old avatar again, Abhi told that it’s the work of Pragya’s own as he have denied to sign the contract. Purab says that it’s the work of someone from outside.

Tanu got shocked

Pragya says that it’s the work of someone from the family and whosoever have done it, she will find them and punish them. Tanu and Raj thinks why Pragya is lying, Raj told that she wants to do the investigation of Vijay herself. Raj told her that Vijay is out of the town and he will not been caught. Raj also advises her to keep away from him.

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Pragya remembers of the times when Abhi have saved her in difficulties, Pragya decided to find the real name of the father of Tanu’s child father at any cost. Pragya decided to do the task on Karwa chauth, despite its very much sure that Dadi, Bulbul and Purab are going to protest. Abhi comes and asks her what she have decided.

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