Kumkum Bhagya 16th Nov- Episode 418: Tanu’s foolishness proved a bigger mistake for her


In this episode of Kumkum, Bhagya Bulbul tried to hint Sarla that Pragya might be just doing a drama. Purab changes the topic and tells everyone to have ice cream today. [Recap: Last episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Kumkum Bhagya 16th Nov Monday Full Episode

Pragya thinks that she might be missing something in relation to Nikhil. Abhi comes and informs Pragya that she is not in the mood to fight, Abhi told him that he wants to start a friendly talk with her. Abhi tells that he is curious to know who is the person Pragya loves and wants to enjoy with him.

Pragya told him that she is independent and she will prove the world that she can live alone. Pragya told him to move on as she would not compromise for him.

Alia and Tanu fight over the issue of Nikhil. Alia blames Tanu for accepting the expensive necklace from him. She shouts on her to give the chance to Nikhil for having a connection with her. Alia wonders to plan something for it. Raj comes and gives the papers of binding Abhi with him for all new contracts and tells that Pragya would be helpless after that. Abhi told them to make some intermediately profit till the Abhi and Pragya would fight the case in the court.

Abhi decided to find out the real thing which affects her heart and she is close to. He thinks of flirt with Pragya to find out the truth, he asks Pragya’s help to make him sleep for today. Abhi recalls there old days which makes her emotional, Abhi lies on her legs to sleep. Abhi thinks that it’s the right track to reach her heart. Pragya goes emotional.


After a while, Pragya realises that there must be something different in his mind. Pragya calls Tanu and informs her about the behaviour of Abhi with her. Pragya teases her and keeps silent at sometimes which makes Tanu got tensed of it.

Abhi wakes up and touches waist of Tanu sleeping by her thinking that she was Pragya. Tanu holds her hand tightly. Pragya enters the room and smiles seeing them. Pragya comes from the backside and said Good Morning to Abhi, Abhi replies and then Tanu replied. Praga informs that she calls Tanu to love Abhi as he was feeling alone.

Tanu fights with Abhi for crossing his limits with Pragya, Abhi tells her that she was using Tanu to keep him away from her. Tanu understood that she was making the fool of her. Tanu apologises.

Dadi, Bulbul and Purab have a meeting. Bulbul gives an idea to kidnap Tanu to get the truth. Dadi told her to calm down. Dadi informs them that Pragya is having doubt on someone. Purab and Bulbul go angry thinking being ignorant by someone. Dadi then tells everything to them about that doubt. Pragya thinks of Nikhil.

This was the 418th Episode of Kumkum Bhagya. For more episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, Visit here.

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