Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 12th Day (12 Days) Collection: KKHH3 2nd Tuesday Box Office Report

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Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 12th Day Collection 12 Days KKHH3 2nd Tuesday Box Office Business and Occupancy ReportIndian markets have witnessed vast changes all over and the movies are now getting wide releases along with films minting huge money all over. Also the satellite prices of the films have been almost increased by ten times which made the makers make risk leaving the budget far behind. (see: Airlift collection.)

With all these changes, many top filmmakers have been paying hefty remunerations to the actors which raised the standards of Indian cinema. With these developments, many filmmakers have been showing interest in p*rn comedies and adult films in Bollywood which has become a challenge to the censor board to certify them and sent ahead for the release.

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 12th Day Collection

12 Days KKHH3 2nd Tuesday Box Office

One film of such genre is KyaKoolHainHum3 which is said to be India’s first p*rn comedy. Many adult films released but no p*rn comedy made its way and the makers have revealed that the film will be a laugh riot with adult p*rn comedy right from the first scene to the end cards.

Umesh Ghadge took almost two years to pen the script of the film and he impressed Balaji Motion Pictures to shape up the project. It’s known that an adult comedy is impossible without Tushar Kapoor in the main lead. Tushar Kapoor, Vir Das, Mandana Karimi Krishna Abhishek, Gizele Thakral, Claudia Ciesla and Darshan Jariwala played the lead roles in the film.

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 12th Day Collection 12 Days KKHH3 2nd Tuesday Box Office

The movie has been shot in exclusive coastal locations across the world and KKHH3 has been made on a budget of Rs 40 crores. Milap Zaveri worked on the script and the makers of KKHH 3 faced huge problems with the censor certification.

The censor authorities rejected the film many times and it has been passed finally with 150 cuts and the makers had to agree with the decision of censor board with nothing much to do.

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 12th Day Collection

KKHH3 12 Days Box Office Collections

12 Days KKHH3 2nd Tuesday Box Office

The film released in over 1000 screens across the world and the movie collected decent money in its opening weekend though the word of mouth for the movie has been poor. The talkie collected Rs 20 crores in its opening weekend and the film dropped badly during the weekdays.

The movie collected Rs 33.2 crores in its twelve days of its box-office run. Ekta Kapoor and Shoba Kapoor produced the film and the movie has been declared as a debacle among the International circles.

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