Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo & Air Date: Can David Haller Be Saved?

Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date
Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date

Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date: The critically acclaimed new TV series of FX returned with its second chapter. The fans witnessed David Haller trying to grasp his mutant powers. Let’s check out what would we see in the next segment of the hit show. The trailer has been released.

Chapter 2 of Legion showed us the backstory of the central character David Haller. It revolved around the moments from his past when he young before being institutionalized. We also got to know more about Harry’s allies and their attachments with him. Also, we got to know a little of them who possess some mutant abilities along with the real magnitude of immense power of David.

Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date

In the third chapter, we would see David seeking answers to questions related to his past. A new threat will approach with a high speed in the meantime. David is still having troubles controlling his powers. At the same time,  the screen time of the Demon with Yellow Eyes is increasing.

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Legion Chapter 3 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date

Meanwhile, David’s sister Amy is in danger, as the only lead “The Eye” and his cohorts from The Division can use to locate David.

In the Legion 1×3 trailer, Lenny laughs and says, “It’s sweet really. They think they can save you.”

The official synopsis for the episode Legion S1E3 reads the following.

David searches for answers, while a threat looms. Written by Peter Calloway; directed by Michael Uppendahl.

Season 1 Episode 3 will air on February 19, 2017, on FX.

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