Pakistan TV Anchor Vows Terrorists Openly to Kill Hindus and Buddhists in India [Video]

Uri 14th Day Collection
Uri 14th Day Collection

Waqar Zaka who is known as one of the worst controversial host in Pakistan History spotted in latest Facebook video promoting terror against Hindus and Buddhists. He was probably not able to understand that the latest bomb series were a result of Shia and Sunni muslims conflict. Taking the debate to next level he promoted terrorism against the Hindu groups.

Criticising the Pakistan govt for bad security arrangements on the border against India, Waqar blamed India openly for the series of attacks in Pakistan. Pakistan which is well-known country for hosting UN declared terrorist Hafiz Saeed is once again in the remarks after comments of a dignity holding anchor of the country.

Waqar said that the authorities have no authentic information of the fact that terrorists accepted the responsibility for attacks. In one go, the host of TV reality show started playing the blame game to protect terrorists. Go ing to the next level of defence, he justified that No Muslim Terrorist could ever kill another Muslim.

Advocating the attacks against Muslims, He vowed terrorists to bomb Buddhists and Hindus in India. His statement could be translated in English as follows ” If Daesh wants to take the lead of Muslims, they should kill Buddhists and Hindus in the India first”. Adding the pro Islamic comments the anchor added that “India is jealous of us, because we ruled them for many centuries”. It appears that the anchor has some personal hate against the Hindus.

We’ve taken a chance understanding that it could be words in anger from the popular Pakistani TV Anchor Waqar Zaka but he continues the same chant. He added that the attacks in Syria are also carried by India and no muslim want to kill another muslim.

Although during the last moment he once tried to justify that no terrorism is good but again came back to the same thing. The second line from Pakistani TV Anchor was to instruct Daesh attack India and more specifically Buddhists and Hindus.

The page of Waqar Raza got big communal support from almost 1 million Pakistanis on Facebook.

Currently many Muslims hold primary positions in Indian governance. Indian constitution never discriminated among the people on basis of religion/ caste etc.

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