India vs Pakistan: Mauka Mauka 2016 Video series Started Ahead Of Ind vs Pak WT20 Match

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming

India vs Pakistan WT20 2016: The Mauka Mauka video tradition which started the last year has pitched up a new spark this year too. The tournament of India v Pakistan is going to played tomorrow and a lot of videos are starting arriving. (watch: Australian GP 2016 Practice session.)

The advertisement series was started by Star Sports to increase the awareness between the different matches to be played. Total of three interesting videos has been released this year by 3 different channels.

The first one is of Star Sports, in which the die-hard Pakistan cricket team fan requested Shahid Afridi to win at least for this time. Pakistan have lost match against India in WT20 4/4 times, which is the main concern of Pakistan fans.

India vs Pakistan WT20 2016 Mauka Mauka

In a spoof directed by Shudh desi endings, Shahid Afridi requests MS Dhoni to let them win for this time as they haven’t tasted the win from a very long time. His accent is Pakistani Punjabi in this video, which is little funny.

The third video is by Zero Productions, in this spoof video a Pakistani Cricket Team requests his superstar to at least learn English properly because everyone trolls them after listening ‘Boys Played Well’. In this video the boy admitted that he didn’t have any hope for the match.

Although the videos was just for fun, but Afridi’s actual performance during the match would be the question of hour.

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