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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th September Episode: Everyone is playing the game to identify spouse, Meena’s hand is held by Ranveer tightly. Pratik started teasing Sharman. Ranveer holds the hand and said that she is not his Ishaani as the hands of Ishaani are not soft else he should have sat down holding it at once. All started laughing together, Ranveer goes closer to Ishaani and Sniffs there like Ishaani is there and successfully identify her, Ishaani also smiles and admire him. All started clapping, Ranveer has identified Ishaani Successfully. Baa compares their love with the love of Radha Krishna and gave them blessing

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Full Episode

Ranveer takes Ishaani to the corridor and Ishaani declines for romance as anyone can see them. Ranveer says that they are engaged now and it gives license to Ranveer to meet Ishaani, Ishaani asks about her engagement gift. Ranveer says he needs the kiss first and thereafter he will give the gift. Ishaani declines and said him to wait for that. Ranveer removes the cloth from a box and makes Ishaani excited of it.

Ishaani was feeling it very heavy, and the moment she removes the cloth she finds dumbell inside that. Ranveer starts laughing  she used to be muscular once and she was his Sunny Deol but she has changed, now she must get her muscles again till the wedding so that she could hold him. Ishaani says that she is well enough to beat him with this dumbell and take him to the hospital, Ranveer says the gift is due to him. Ishaani says she is happy with Ranveer, Ranveer phone rang and he left for office. Ishaani shows her keen tension of Ranveer’s health, Ranveer asks her not to take tension and build muscles.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Krish mother were there to take Krish from Mala, Manas admires the luck of Krish for having such a mother. Manas says that  he never got a chance to speak to her, he is happy as Ranveer has told her all. Manas doesn’t want to bring the relation with the lie and he might not be able to love her that much. Parul was listening what he is saying, Manas says She better can be Krish’s mother marrying him because he loves Disha indeed today. Parul assures him for no complaints and Manas tell he will always love her. Parul admires that she is lucky with a person like him in her life.
Ranveer was walking on a road like a boss and suddenly enters into a building, Guards stops him but received a fist on his head in return and RV enters inside. Shah was already tensed about Ranveer, his safe was left open during a call. Ranveer enters inside and Shah asked the reason of his presence, he asked Do you want to push me outside fo my shop as well, Ranveer came closer to him and says he must haven’t come his home.

It was a mistake of Shah and he will have to pay for it. RV looks at the open safe he grabbed the money and said his family doesn’t know what he does and they should not know anywhere in future. Shah tried to stop Ranveer, but Ranveer gave him warning of breaking his mouth. Ranveer grabs his headphones and walks away. Ishaani was calling Ranveer from a hall and she got tensed as Ranveer was not picking up the phone, Pratik was walking with a ladies bag, so Ishaani inquired him about that. Pratik says he is going to return it to Manisha through Sharman. Manisha calls her mother and asks what she was doing. It was Mrs. Mehta (Chirag’s mother). Mrs. Mehta says light as gone out, she came out to get cool. Sharman comes there and watches Manisha with her mom, he goes bounded. Manisha says she will speak to her later aunty.

She goes away. Sharman says he came to return her purse, Sharman asks how she knows her. Manisha says that they are her neighbors, Sharman says the aunt is not good he hate her. Sharman asks her to drop her home. Mrs. Mehta observes them going together.Raavan comes back to the hall and Ishaani asks is he want anything, Raavan says they are a good couple, he asks if they know each other since infancy. Ishaani tells him that she know him since he was just 9 years old, Raavan objected that whether you know something about Anjar. Ishaani memorializes the time she had mentioned about Ranveer’s adolescence life.

Raavan was about to tell Ishaani about Ranveer’s current life when Amba interferes and asks what is he doing here. Raavan says he was blessing Ishaani for her marriage. Amba tells Raavan that his guest room is available now. Amba takes Ishaani along with her. Baa heard this all, she is worried and says Amba and Kailash are worried and Raavan was saying something to Ishaani. Baa started thinking that Ishaani should know what Amba and Kailash were trying to tell her.

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