Swaragini 24th September 2015: Swara Proved Sanskar Innocent

Swaragini 24th September 2015 Colors TVIn the last episode, it was revealed that Durga Prasad agreed to give Swara time till morning to prove Sanskar innocent. After that, Swara did some research and checking. It ended when Swara was interrogating Ragini.

Today’s episode started where it was left yesterday. Swara was featured interrogating Ragini. She asked Ragini to tell once again step by step what all happened in the dark with complete details. Ragini told her own created story that she came to drink water in the kitchen. But Swara questioned her the she already had two water bottles in her room, then why did she come? Ragini got puzzled but lied that those were a day old.

Swaragini 24th September 2015

Then, Swara asked her to do the same stuff with actions in realtime as happened previously. She said that she walked down to kitchen and switched on the lights. But Ragini interrupted her and said that she directly went for the refrigerator, then a person came and switched off the lights. Swara switched off the lights and opened the fridge and said that it has much light enough to see anyone’s face, then why didn’t she see his face?

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Ragini said that the person first closed the fridge and attached her. Swara asked her that Ragini pushed him and then he went away through the window. She asked Parineeta if she had cleaned the kitchen and parineeta replied yes, she did. Swara tried to took the opinions of all the family members asking them who threw all these utensils?  She said that Ragini wouldn’t do that, then who did this?

Meanwhile, Dadi asked her granddaughter, Ragini to reply to her. Further, she added that Ragini (Lado) has shocked with the incident and don’t remember exactly. Annapurna consoled her stating that she knows which phase she might be going through and asked her to continue the happenings. Durga Prasad iterated that he don’t want to embarrass her, but the incident involve Sanskar, his son.

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Swaragini 24th September 2015

Swara interrupted and said that she has understood the whole scene. She enacted the whole scene with Ragini and confirmed her. All of a sudden, Laksh interrupted her and asked about the bracelet that was found. Swara said that she hasn’t completed yet. She added that while checking the rooms, she found that the window of Sanskar’s room sealed pack. Ram confirmed it citing the rain water issue. Swara, then said, that Sanskar can’t come nei ther via window nor using kitchen’s window to reach inside his room. Durga Prasad asked Laksh that he directly went to bring him. Swara iterated that Sanskar was sleeping at the moment he reached there.

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Laksh reiterated about the bracelet. Swara asked him to take out Ragini’s earrings from his pocket. Further, she added that the chain may belong to the culprit. Swara asked Laksh to ask his queries till now. Durga Prasad agreed with her. Sujata got happy and said that his son has been proved innocent now. And added that Ragini lied. Annapurna also agreed with Swara’s argument and solution. Dadi tried to manipulate the things and said that Ragini may have been mistaken due to darkness. Durga Prasad apologized to Sanskar. Sanskar replied that all believed him is all for him.

After proving Sanskar innocent, Sujata and Ram visited Swara to thank her for all those things and blessed her with happiness for life. Swara said that it was her duty. Swara saw Adarsh moving towards the trunk and told Durga Prasad that they need to find out whose chain and footprints.

Swaragini 24th September 2015

She asked Adarsh about his whereabouts at the time of that incident. He replied that he came only after hearing the voice of utensils. She asked her why didn’t he go to help Ragini. He asked her what did she want to prove. Swara said that she understood why he was nervous. Swara told everyone that Adarsh was right in the hall when Ragini screamed. Then, Durga Prasas asked her to tell clearly whatever she has to say. Swara said that someone came to see Adarsh before that incident took place. She added that Adarsh let that person inside.

Further, she said that the footprints are only up to the box. But Laksh said that no one there. Swara saw that box carefully by going close to it. She said that the person went out and opened the box and found a woman taking shelter into it. Seeing her, everyone shocked. Adarsh got worried and tensed. However, Swara recalled that woman with Adarsh.

Durga Prasad questioned about the identity of the girl. Sujata asked to confirm if that woman the same who was seen with Adarsh last time. Durga Prasad re-iterated his questions. Swara confirmed her. Parineeta said that the girl might be a colleague or a friend and asked Swara to stop blaming her husband, Adarsh. She told Adarsh to prove Swara wrong. Durga Prasad asked Adarsh to tell her identity. As a reply, he said that she is his ex-girlfriend. Hearing him, all shocked.

Swaragini 24th September 2015 episode which aired on Thursday ended. Stay tuned to catch the latest news and updates of the Indian television world.

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