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Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2015 : Kumkum Bhagya is Indian Television Serial which Telecasts on Zee TV. Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2015 Thursday episode focusses on the intervention of past and present of Abhi and Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Full Episode

In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya planning was going on between Tanu’s mind about their new house, Aaliya objected that deal hasn’t done yet. Aaliya says that they will get the money only if they will arrange the CD for the producer. Tanu asks as she is not going to meet the producer, can she go to steal the CD, Aaliya objected and said denied. Tanu gets emotional and express that Abhi is now too much possessive about the baby and would not bear anything if happened to him.

Taya comes to Mitali and asks her for food, Mital has her fast today and too much tired that she couldn’t even stand on her foot. Taya ji says everyone is of his own type in the house, Abhi arrives. Dasi says that we didn’t have anything to eat. Taya ji agrees and says I didn’t have fruits. Mitali says I also didn’t have anything. Abhi says we will have a pizza. Taya ji asks who will give money for the pizza. Abhi orders the pizza and Taya ji not to worry about that . Its fun to eat pizza on someone else’s money, Abhi says. Abhi orders the pizza and eat them will full enjoyment, As the pizza was ordered on the Pragya’s name. When delivery boy asks for money, Abhi tell him to go to the person who ordered; Delivery boy said the woman refused to give money for Pizza. Pragya comes in anger and said she hasn’t ordered any pizza and ask Abhi to return the boxes, Abhi goes and returns the empty boxes. Abhi started teasing her by calling ‘Lady Mogambo’ and she is getting irritated of it. Pragya pays the money and says the party is from Abhi side and the money will be deducted as double money from his pocket money and it will be a lesson for him to be in discipline. Abhi goes angry and frustrated with this.

Tanu thinks that Abhi has forgotten about her baby and she is pregnant, Tanu wants to keep Abhi away from Pragya. She thinks Abhi hasn’t forgotten Pragya till now and started acting like having pain. Abhi approaches to call  the doctor for aid, but Tanu denied, Pragya spotted them together. Abhi was talking with the baby when Pragya was looking, it makes Pragya jealous. He asks the baby whether he wants to come out. Tanu asks him to give her a hug and Abhi in itially looks at her and then take her into his arms. Pragya thinks that this all is not right, Abhi is getting too much close to the baby. Pragya thinks of finding the baby’s father. She also thinks that she has not seen Tanu with any man earlier and it would be difficult to find, but she mesmerized to find the father of baby anyhow.

Abhi says that the room is smelling bad, Abhi spotted Pragya getting angry in herself and asks whether she is jealous of it, Pragya denies but says that She has sympathy towards Tanu. Pragya says she is confused why Tanu wants to marry Abhi, and easily allows Abhi to always to stay with Pragya., She gets closer irrespective of the situation that where you are.  Abhi starting getting uncomfortable while she is getting closer to him. Pragya keeps asking questions about their relationship. Pragya says this is amazing relation where you doesn’t share your thoughts. Sometimes she thinks that whether the child is of Abhi or not and how will he feel if it would be discovered that the child is not of him. Abhi twists Pragya’s hand and says it is a limit now. He asks her to stay away from everything of his fuggi and she is completely changed now. Abhi says that fuggi was the one who says that the child is our love child and we should love him.

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2015

Pragya has asked earlier to love the child and take care of him. A flashback started where, Pragya asking Abhi to love and keep baby happy always and love him like he does to Pragya. Abhi tells Pragya again to spare his fuggi and baby. And says that if she will repeat this again he would not leave her so easily, Abhi said Tanu loves me and knows her limitations and don’t betray me. He says even if you surrender yourself then only I am not going to touch you.And Pragya is staying in the room only to learn that the tiger is only one and tigress is always tigress.Pragya tells herself that how she can explain to Abhi why she has done this all.

Aaliya come to Tanu and tells her that she is going from the backdoor and whenever anyone inquires her about that Tanu should simply refuse. Raj enters and says he has an idea, and where Aaliya is going in the night. Aaliya says now she has to go and wouldn’t give the report of everything. Aaliya refuses the plans of Raj and Tanu offers to listen, but Raj went away. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and loves Abhi does to fuggi and thinks Abhi has grown bondness for the baby. She thinks what will happen if the truth exposes, She thinks I can’t let this happen.

Precap of Kumkum Bhagya :

Pragya Kisses Abhi and decided not to let the smile of Abhi goes away, Pragya says she will expose Aaliya soon and make the truth of Tanu Public

Pragya informed Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya is trapped. Dadi says now Abhi will choose her execution. Mama-ji says this was destined to happen and gives hi five and party.

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