Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015: Gaura’s Wicked Planning


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015: Today’s episode starts with Meera talking to Dharam. She asked him if it is fine. He understood that this all is just a drama for the world, but in reality, they are not true husband and wife. She gave him pillow and asked if he needed blanket too to sleep on the room’s floor. But, Dharam told her to sleep on floor. She reacted aggressively hearing him telling her to sleep on floor.

She said that how dare he said Meera Modi to sleep below. Then, he told her not to show her attitude and stop boasting. Then, she shouted. When she didn’t move, he picked and threw her on the floor. Then, she threatened him to complain to Gaura, his mother, that her son doesn’t know manners and etiquettes. She tried to visit Gaura, but Dharam didn’t let her go instead he closed the door with its crutch. After that, he asked her to try and move his foot which he placed against the door to close it. She tried but failed. After it, he boasted about his physical strength and threw her again on the floor. Moreover, he warned her that if she tried to do such an arrogant stuff again, then he will take revenge for his leg.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015

On the other hand, Gopi’s daughter are still missing and haven’t been found yet. She was seen crying badly for Meera and Vidya. Jigar tried calling Gaura’s landline, but no one picked the call. Kokila asked her to stop crying and consoled her. Gopi went to pray in the home temple.

Gaura was seen recollecting an oath which she took on the funeral of her brother to take revenge at her brother’s photo. She talked to herself and said that she will diminish the legacy of the family of Modi.

On the next morning, Vidya searched for Shravan after awakening up. She tried to call on the landline, but it didn’t worked out. Thereafter, she knocked on the door of Shravan and Gaura.

Gopi let Jigar know that it has been over 24 hours now. She meant that the police complaint can be filed now. Ahem asked to go with her. But, Gopi resisted him accompanying her citing that he doesn’t care for their daughters.

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Meanwhile, Gaura opened the door when Vidya knocked at the door. Gaura explained to her that the door was jammed due to which it took time. Right at the next moment, Vidya called Kokila by taking Gaura’s phone. Kokila picker her call and put the phone on speaker mode. Vidya started crying and said Meera. Hearing her, Ahem asked the whereabouts of Vidya. To which, Gaura acted and said she is with her. Modi family shocked. Kokila re-confirmed what she said. Gaura added that if Kokila wanted to know more, then she will have to come here. But said that her voice is getting fluctuated and cut the call.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015

After hearing all the talks, Gopi insisted Meera to visit Gaura as she had her daughters as told by Gaura herself. Kokila hoped that Meera wouldn’t do anything there.

At the Gaura’s end, Vidya asked her why did she disconnect the phone call. Gaura shouted and shut up her. Moreover, she warned her not to say anything to Daadi and told her to sleep in the room’s corner. Vidya got shocked after witnessing Gaura’s changed attitude.

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The members of Modi family went to visit Gaura. But, while, in the way, Ahem got his car crashed with a lady who fell down. Seeing her down, all of them got down the car and asked the lady if she has hurt. Nervously, Lady said that she is fine, but Kokila saw her bleeding and asked her to get medical facilities at a nearby hospital. However, the lady said that it was her fault. Gopi put a piece of cloth on her wound and asked her where she was on her way to. She replied Rishabhgarh. Kokila asked her to give lift as they were also on their way to the same place.

On the other side, Meera complaint to Gaura about Dharam’s behaviour. Gaura replied that she will punish him and told her to get ready as her family will be visiting there anytime. Then, Meera left while Gaura smirked to use her as a weapon against Kokila and Modis.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015 Thursday episode ended here. Stay tuned with us for the SNS news.

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