Ardhanaari (Ardhanari) Movie Review and Rating

Ardhanaari 1st Day Collection Opening Ardhanari First Friday Box Office
Ardhanaari 1st Day Collection Opening Ardhanari First Friday Box Office

Ardhanaari Movie Review Rating: A transgender by name Ardhanari (Arjun) comes to the city and starts killing people. With perfect plans, she targets government employees and kills them one after another. (read: Appa Review.)

After an extensive search, the cops identifies Ardhanaari through a high-profile mission. The rest of the movie is about Ardhanari’s version about her flashback and the situations that made her turn like this. Watch Ardhanaari know about the strong social message that she conveys to the society. (check: Jackson Durai review.)

Ardhanaari Movie Review Rating

The first half of the film takes much time to reveal about Ardhanaari, and the narration has been quite slow. The serial killings have been showcased in a silly manner, and the first half has been too lengthy. (check: Darling 2 review.)

Though it has some exciting episodes, the first half of Ardhanari has been just ok. The character of Ardhanaari has been projected well. The second half of the movie makes a decent watch throughout because of the gripping narration and the interesting plot. (read: Rojulu Marayi review.)

The entire second half of the film has been narrated with a lot of interest and the performance by the lead actor Arjun is said to be the highlight of the film. The emotional narration makes the film decent however it will not appeal to all the sections of the audience.

Ardhanaari Movie Review Rating

Arjun as Ardhanari takes the lead and his performance is said to be the major highlight. He did a challenging role with utmost perfection, and he is quite lucky to do such a good role. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

The basic plot of the film has been thoroughly interesting and is worth. The screenplay of the movie has been taken enough care of, and the dialogues make you think twice.

The background score has been hard-hitting, and the cinematography has been decent. The editing has been crisp during the second half of the movie, and the production values looked decent.

Director Bhanu Shankar should be well appreciated for his capabilities.

Ardhanaari Review Rating


  • Second Half
  • Arjun’s performance
  • Unique plot
  • Background score


  • Dragged first half
  • Lack of commercial elements
  • Will not appeal to all the sections

Ardhanaari Rating

TRT gives it 2.75 stars out of 5.

Final Word:

Ardhanari is a film that may not appeal to all the sections of the audience however the hard-hitting message will sure impress some.

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