Dora Movie Review and Rating: Story Talks and 1st Day Box Office Collections

Dora (Jackson Durai) 1st Day Collection Opening First Friday Box Office
Dora (Jackson Durai) 1st Day Collection Opening First Friday Box Office

Dora Movie Review Rating: The Telugu movie dubbed from Tamil has released. Before going to watch the film, do read our review and others. After that decide if you should go and watch it or not. Also, share your views and thoughts with us via commenting. (read: Ardanari review.)

It is the story of Dorapuram, a village that has been completely haunted by ghosts and no villager steps out of their homes after 9 in the night. A cop by name Satya (Sibiraj) will be sent to the village to reveal out the reasons behind the ghosts.

Dora Movie Review

It is during this time he falls in love with Viji (Bindu Madhavi), and Veera (Karunakaran) too admires her. Satya approaches Viji’s father for marriage after which he throws an open challenge to stay in the haunted bungalow for seven days. The rest of the flick is about what happens next. Watch Dora to know about the complete story.

The first half of the film starts on an interesting note however the film has enough loopholes throughout the movie. Some of the episodes look completely faked out, and they fail to reach out the expectations. The performances by the lead actors have been impressive, and the pre-interval episodes take the film to the next level. On the whole, the first half has decent episodes to get impressed.

Dora Movie Review Rating

The second half of the talkie lacks gripping narration, and the film dips down badly in all the available ways. The movie has been dragged so much that it tests the patience of the audience. The movie has many unwanted episodes throughout the second half. The climax has been utterly predictable and on the whole, the second half of it is the reason for the film’s debacle.



Satyaraj has been assigned a limited role in which he excelled throughout the movie. He has been exceptional in the film. Sibiraj struggled out to deliver his best, and he has been decent. Bindu Madhavi has a crisp role, and she has been good. Karunakaran has been outstanding with his entertainment. All the other actors did a decent job.

The story of the film has been completely outdated and is predictable. The screenplay is the primary reason for the film’s downfall. The dialogues have been ok, and so is the music and the background score. The cinematography is the major highlight of Dora, and the production values have been generous enough. The director fails to deliver out the right product.

Dora Review

Dora Rating


Final Word:

Dora lacks in all the available ways, and it has been poorly narrated and executed. A film that can be completely ignored.

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  1. Satyaraj(Thagudu) must stop acting and sit at home and at the same time stop his vulgar rants in meetings where no one cares about him. He is an old dog with no talent and it would very appropriate to sit at home and help his wife and take care of his grand children if there are any. When getting bored ring up and call Goundamani to keep himself entertained.

    Sibiraj, I wouldn’t accept him as an actor at all and he should say goodbye to acting and do something useful to earn his living elsewhere. Sibi, Sathyaraj and the tamil industry produces please make a note of this and save the tamil audience from these folks.

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